Sunday, January 26, 2020

House Show | Kris Allen plays a house show with Jon McLaughlin in Nashville, January 25, 2020

Kris Allen and Jon McLaughlin House Show sold out 1/25/2020
Photo by Buddy's Place
I'll be honest, it's been so quiet on the Kris front that I forgot he had scheduled this joint show with friend and fellow singer-songwriter Jon McLaughlin. If you are a Kris fan and not familiar with Jon's music, check him out and I think you'll like it.

The two played a house show at Buddy's Place Nashville last night and luckily for all of us Annie (@ameeliu) was there! Kris premiered a new song called Mr. Right Next Door. (You can hear that song in my March 19 post.) Media after the break...

Set list (thanks Annie!)

Annie's videos:

Annie's photos:

Kris played Faster Shoes:

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