Thursday, August 29, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Is It Over, Dayton, OH 9/1/10

Every Thursday during the in-between times, we take a look back at a fun Kris video of yore.

Summer is drawing to an end. As a self-professed summer girl, I have to ask "Is It Over" (Cheesetown, I know.) This time of year, I'm in the mood for a sultry summer evening, with plenty of guitar and a good crowd.

So here's kmt8871's video of Is It Over from Labor Day weekend 2010 in Dayton, Ohio. This was the tour with Maroon 5. Lots of Andrew for the Andrewberts!

Enjoy! And if you are going to see either of Kris's shows this September (see Kralendar below for dates and places), please let me know to add you to our Twitter lists!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

List: August 18, 2013: Hershey Park, Hershey, PA

Music Box Theatre
Hershey Park
Hershey, PA

Two Shows!
4:00 pm and 6:30 pm EDT

Show Preview:
Well obviously, this show is a big deal! It's the first show post-baby! And set in his east coast stronghold, he will no doubt have an enthusiastic audience. Plus it's at an amusement park and we always get some fun pictures and videos when Kris visits amusement parks.

Show Poster! (via @Ang_716)

4:00 pm Set List! (via @heartsandroses9):

6:30 PM Set List (via @Ang_716)

List Preview:
At first glance, you'll notice this is not one of our biggest lists. However, what it may lack in quantity, it will have in quality as many of our finest tweeters, video-takers and photographers plan to make the trek to Hershey. And I'm sure we'll be adding a ton of amusement park patrons who just didn't tweet in advance.

Two very fun shows, although from all reports, show #2 had the greater energy thanks to Kris inviting the crowd to get out of their seats and stand by the stage, and also having much more banter. Hoping that Fleming Artists will seek out standing venues for Kris in the future - it makes a huge difference! Special note, in show #1, the audience and Kris sang Happy Birthday to Chris Torres.

You can find the set list post with links to photos and videos for each show here:
Related Link:

Friday, August 16, 2013

Flashback Friday: Sweet Carolina and Sweet Hershey

On Fridays, we try to catch up on tour media around here! We'll check out a video to catch up on the Out Alive Tour. Plus I'll try to give you a bonus video - maybe one that got overlooked or one that is just worth watching again.

For the Out Alive tour video this week, since we are looking at a show in Hershey, Pennsylvania this week, I thought I should give you something sweet to enjoy! Here's Kradmantium's video of Ryan Adams' Oh My Sweet Carolina as performed by Kris and Jillette Johnson at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles (Show #1 of 2).

For the bonus video, of course we are going to return to Hershey! Everyone seems excited for this concert on Sunday. Many saw him before opening for Daughtry in Hershey - including me! I'll never forget these two HUGE football player types sitting in front of us - clearly there for Daughtry but they did get up and dance to Live Like We're Dying and Come Together. I thought you'd all get a kick out of me flailing over Daughtry coming on stage to sing Send Me All Your Angels, so here's this video shot by the person I was with, kmt8871!

Everyone I went to that show with is going to be there this time too, except for me (Boo!) - so you can expect some more awesome videos (but maybe not as much flail? I don't know, they'll have to bring it to top my screaming)! Click here for the set list as well as tons and tons of media from the August 6, 2010 Hershey concert!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Throwback Thursday: August 14/15, A Day for Epic Apparently

On every (well, most) Thursdays we take a look back at Kris Allen's past performances to remember the good times! Since I've been a little remiss lately about this, thought I'd load you up with a few videos.

Usually I start this by searching the date and Kris' name in YouTube. When I did this with August 15, so many goodies came up! So - in reverse chronological order, here's August 15 in Kris Allen World (excluding 2012 and 2013 - nothing to report for these years).

First, August 15, 2011, Clarkston, MI: Kris debuts You Got a Way during a concert opening for Lifehouse! Here's Altrus01's awesome video! (Click here for the setlist and more media.)

Then, August 15, 2010, (well technically August 14 but the videos were uploaded on the 15th!), at the Indiana State Fair, we got this little piece of Kreith goodness from supox30!

This was the first time they performed Jack and Diane together. The Indiana audience did a great job of singing along! And of course at the beginning we get Kris telling Keith he's hot (:DDDDD) and at the end, a big old epic Kreith hug! (Lots more media and the full setlist for Kris here.)

And August 15, 2009? Kris was still touring with the Season 8 Idols, in Hamilton, Ontario! Here's a awesome but terrifying video (when you think about the giant cavernous hole that opens up behind him) from Lupin788 of Kris performing the Killers' All These Things That I've Done!


Friday, August 2, 2013

Flashback Friday: Hit Me Baby One More Time Edition!

On Fridays during non-tour periods, we try to catch up on tour media around here! We'll check out a video to catch up on the Out Alive Tour. Plus I'll try to give you a bonus video - maybe one that got overlooked or one that is just worth watching again.

Of course, our big news this week was the arrival of Oliver Neil Allen on July 30. Congratulations to Kris and Katy, and welcome to the world Oliver! So I thought for this week's Out Alive Tour video, we'd check out a baby banter video! And it includes a nice clear audio/video of Unique too! Here's kmt8871's video of Unique from the April 22, 2013 Ann Arbor, MI show.

For our bonus video, continuing with the baby theme, I thought it would be fun to go way back to when we saw the birth of the Kris Allen Band! Here they are in Yendiders' awesome video at the Miami Dolphins Tailgate in October 2009, performing Britney Spears' Hit Me Baby One More Time!

Enjoy! We'll keep having these catch-up posts on Thursdays and Fridays to tide us over until Kris' next show on August 18 in Hershey, PA!