Friday, May 31, 2013

Flashback Friday: It's Fun to be a Kris Fan!

On Fridays during down periods, we try to catch up on tour media around here! We'll check out a video to catch up on the Out Alive Tour. Plus I'll try to give you a bonus video - maybe one that got overlooked or one that is just worth watching again.

For the Out Alive Tour Catch-up Video - I thought a good reminder that being a fan is fun was in order after spending a week watching poll angst on Twitter. So here's Kris covering the Prince classic When Doves Cry in 80s Wayfarers, on January 15, 2013, at Jammin' Java in Vienna, VA - definitely one of the livelier, more fun crowds this tour! LOL listen to them go "whooooo" when he sings the line about touching his stomach. Not that I was among that group, no way, not me. ;P

For the Bonus Video - Here's my favorite of Kris' Out Alive Tour recap videos, set to My Weakness (a fun song) and featuring the Chicago, New England and Toronto shows (look, the crowds are having fun! Plus the KAB singing the Friends theme at the end!) It deserves a few more views!

So yes, please vote for Kris in round 3 of Ryan Seacrest's poll, but also just enjoy how awesome Kris is too and have fun being his fan!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Throwback Thursday: May 30, 2010: Darien Lakes, NY

Every Thursday during the slow periods, we take a look back at a video from Kris' past shows and career!

I felt like going back to the KATA era this year, so when I plugged "Kris Allen May 30" into YouTube search, I was very excited to see a bunch of videos from a May 30, 2010 show at an amusement park between Buffalo and Rochester, NY!

I was going to go with Lifetime (not!), but thought I'd see if anyone had any special requests. I also am desperately in search of a picture I recall taken around this period in May 2010 of the band with fresh buzz cuts, so if anyone has that, feel free to link it! You'll see in the video that the band is freshly shorn, and even Torres has his locks trimmed into a long bob.

I got a request for Written All Over My Face, so for @mylifeback, here's WAOMF from Darien Lakes, NY, May 2010! (Warning, video taker danced a little (which I personally love).)

More Darien Lake show videos here:

Friday, May 24, 2013

Flashback Friday: All We Need is this Love :)

On Fridays during down periods, we try to catch up on tour media around here! We'll check out a video to catch up on the Out Alive Tour. Plus I'll try to give you a bonus video - maybe one that got overlooked or one that is just worth watching again.

For the Out Alive Tour Catch-up Video - all you need to know is I had a bad day today until about 5 pm. A little errand running and retail therapy with the younger kid helped a lot. And to get rid of the residual stuff that irked me so much, I decided to listen to Kris' new song All We Need Is This Love. I just love this song so much - it's so positive and happy! In listening to it, I stumbled on this joyous video from sdshelleybean from the May 3 Hanover, Maryland show:

For the Bonus Video, I'm all inspired now, so here's Kris and the kids of the Blackbird Academy singing All You Need is Love by the Beatles at a charity benefit at the University of Central Arkansas in October 2010. Even better, this video is posted by a dad who was there to see his kid sing with Kris. And he had a pretty good view of Andrew DeRoberts.

So now that I'm all cheered up, I'm ready to celebrate Memorial Day. Tune in on Twitter @KrisAllenLists - I will tweet lots of Kris on Memorial Day stuff all weekend (in between enjoying it). In between, please feel free to vote for your favorite Idol winner of all time ;P

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Throwback Thursday: National Memorial Day Parade, Washington, DC 2012

Every Thursday during the non-touring phases, we take a look back at what Kris was doing in previous years around this time!

In both 2011 and 2012, he visited the DC area to participate in the wonderful events we have for Memorial Day. Most of you probably remember his stirring and moving rendition of God Bless the USA at the annual Memorial Day concert on the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol in 2011. But last year, he did another event - the annual Memorial Day parade. It was a beautiful sunny day in DC and the parade was livestreamed - so people outside of DC were able to see it, including those in between soccer games (yours truly), and we do have an excellent video of his parade performance of The Vision of Love!

Kris will not be back in DC this year; as you know, he's recovering from his recent surgery on his wrist. (For those curious, the Idol at this year's annual PBS concert is Candice Glover, S12 winner.) I will miss Kris' visit to DC for Memorial Day - he was starting to become an annual Memorial Day weekend tradition along with a backyard cookout and the Virginian soccer tournament! Over the weekend as we go back and forth between the tournament and the BBQs, I'll tweet some more fun Kris in DC Memorial Day videos, so please be sure to follow me on Twitter @KrisAllenLists if you don't already.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Flashback Friday: April 15, 2013: Heal the World, Old Rock House Cafe, St. Louis, MO

Reviving Flashback Friday to get caught up on tour videos you may have missed. For tonight, I just think we could all use something healing at the moment...

Friday, May 3, 2013

List: May 3, 2013: Rams Head Center Stage, MarylandLive!, Hanover, MD

Rams Head Center Stage
Maryland Live! Casino
No opening act

The Out Alive Tour concludes tonight in the new casino in Maryland, built near BWI Airport and close to the University of Maryland, Baltimore and some outer suburbs of DC. 

Unfortunately the venue is 21+, not all ages, and about as inconvenient for a Virginian to get to as it can get, so while this is technically a DMV show, it's more M with very few D and V yet on the list. Sadly, this will be the first DMV show I'll be missing (my kid has a tennis event which will allow me to get home to do the list in time, but not to actually go to the show considering its location).

Having said all that, the casino is a popular new attraction and advertises on TV here in the DC area a lot. So Kris may attract just regular casino-goers - Yay New Fans!

List Preview:
Although I'm not on the list, I'm about the only non-DC area superfan who isn't on the list! So as DMV lists usually give good tweet, flail, pics and videos, you should be fine. I will miss hanging with them tonight, and hope they all have a blast. I do wonder if Kris will go out with a bang and do a bunch of requests as he did for the last show of the first leg of the tour. He should; the people attending this show are big fans and deserve a treat!

Updated: Wifi issues at the venue prevented most live tweets (except for some hilarious tweets from two of my funnier locked friends who let me RT some of them).  However, the listees more than made up for this by taking plenty of photos and video! Kris did perform his new song again. Click here for the Set link/Video Post.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

List: May 2, 2013: World Cafe Live at the Queen, Wilmington, DE

World Cafe Live at the Queen
Wilmington, Delaware
May 2, 2013

8 pm EDT

Jillette Johnson opening

The Out Alive Tour continues its journey through its stronghold of the East Coast down to the Mid-Atlantic city of Wilmington, Delaware. This city is home to 93.7 WSTW - the first station to really support and play The Vision of Love and Kris fans/Purple Pawns are grateful for how nice this station was about playing our many requests for it!  Kris is repaying them for their support today with a live in-studio performance. We'll try to keep an eye out for that and WSTW and its DJ are on the list. You can listen to the station online at (click listen live).

List Preview:
Got a bunch of fans who are taking the easy train ride down from New York or up from the DC/Baltimore area for this show! And it is an all-ages show. So we will have a lively list for sure. Definitely hoping that Kris will play his gorgeous and playful new song, All We Need is This Love, for them!

Updated: Kris didn't play the new song, but he did do an awesome mash-up of Jump Jump by Kris Kross (in honor of the late Chris White) with Rooftops. Set List/Video Link Post is here.

Also, earlier in the day, Kris stopped by WSTW - here's the Set List/Video Link Post for that appearance.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Concert: May 1, 2013: Rockwood Music Hall, New York City

Rockwood Music Hall
New York City
May 1, 2013

Jillette Johnson opening

Two Shows! 
7 pm EDT - ALL AGES 
8:45 pm EDT - 21+ Only

Show and List Preview:

The Out Alive Tour stops in New York City's Rockwood Music Hall tonight for two shows! The first is for all ages and the second is for the grown-ups. How did New York get so lucky as to get two shows, when one at the Highline Ballroom was originally scheduled? Well the not-so-secret reason is that Kenny Chesney has an album premiere party for Sirius XM contest winners tonight at the Highline Ballroom and it was made worthwhile for Kris to move venues. Win/win! Hopefully, Kenny will make it to the second show to check out the guy who was nice enough to move for him. (Disclaimer: I'm a huge Kenny fan and have tried to get his online radio station, No Shoes Radio, to play some of Kris' music, because songs like Alright With Me, Leave Me Alone and Teach Me How Love Goes would be a good fit.)

One list for both shows. You'll find, like the last time we had two shows in New York, many people are going to both. We might have a professional concert photographer potentially coming and a whole bunch of regular Kris list tweeters have traveled to New York. So I anticipate a good list with a lot of goodies for you!

Update: Unfortunately, my professional concert photographer friend did not receive a press pass. :( That was the only hitch, though. Great list and videos, and an awesome new song, All We Need is This Love!

Set lists and media after the jump