Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 for Kris Allen and Fans - a Wrap-Up Post

It is time for one of those year-end posts all the blogs do! I thought this year I'd take a look back at some of my favorite Kris performances and memories. On Twitter, I invited you to do the same, and you came through big time with some great photos, videos and tweets! I'll be including them in this post. Not to mention that I actually got in three Kris concerts in person in one year, tying my record for that! (Some of you really put me to shame with how many shows you get to!) So let's take a look back at 2016 for Kris Allen and fans.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Comfort and Joy Tour: December 23, 2016: Sandusky, OH

Comfort and Joy Tour
December 23, 2016
Sandusky State Theatre
Sandusky, OH
7:30 PM EST

Kris does his last performance with the Comfort and Joy tour in Sandusky, Ohio (about halfway between Toledo and Cleveland, on the shores of Lake Erie).

Updated 12/24/2016: Well, there's a picture anyway! Thank you to all of you during the Comfort and Joy tour who did figure out how to share media for those who didn't have a chance to go! I know that some people don't like to do that, and that's fine, but as a fan, I greatly appreciate those of you who do share!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Comfort and Joy Tour: December 22, 2016: Cleveland, OH

Comfort and Joy Tour
December 22, 2016
Severance Hall
Cleveland, OH
7:30 PM EST

Cleveland tends to get scorned by Kris more often than not, but not tonight as the Comfort and Joy tour rolls in!

Updated 12/22/2016: Our friend @kt_cle reports that Kris really slayed Blue Christmas and I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas. She shared a picture and I found an IG video so those are linked!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Comfort and Joy Tour: December 21, 2016: Columbus, OH

Comfort and Joy Tour
December 21, 2016
Southern Theatre
Columbus, OH
7:30 PM EST

Kris heads with the tour to Ohio for the last three days of his portion in it.

Updated 12/22/2016: A few IG items and a favorable newspaper review have popped up (linked in post). Looks like a youth choir joined them.

Comfort and Joy Tour: December 20, 2016: Louisville, KY

Comfort and Joy Tour
December 20, 2016
Brown Theatre
Louisville, KY
7:30 PM EST

Jim, Kris, Tracy (who's back) and Anne take the tour to Louisville, KY. This week is the last leg for Kris. I'm intrigued by the radio station on the poster, and will be keeping an eye on it!

Updated 3/23/20217: Friend of KAL @ShouldI45 reports that Kris was in great voice. They did do Stump the Band, A Little Bit of Christmas was beautiful, and she feels that Kris has really honed Blue Christmas. Check out her pictures below! I've also linked the promotional appearance at local radio station Play 106.9. Updated with a new video of Peace Where the Heart is after the break!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Comfort and Joy Tour: December 18, 2016: Lincoln, NE

Comfort and Joy Tour
December 18, 2016
The Rococo Theatre
Lincoln, NE
Two Shows: 2:00 PM CST and 7:00 PM CST

Kris has never played Nebraska! I doublechecked all my archives and found nothing! I thought there was a Barenaked Ladies opening gig, but nope! So hey Nebraska, he's playing you and you better go - you've got two convenient Sunday night shows to go to!

Updated 12/19/2016: Found a few IG videos, including of Jim!

Comfort and Joy Tour: December 16, 2016: Maumelle, AR

Comfort and Joy Tour
December 16, 2016
Maumelle Performing Arts Center
Maumelle, AR
7:30 PM EST

For some unknown reason, it was a state secret between Kris and Jim's camps that Kris was going to appear in the show for his parent's hometown. Kris only announced it today, the day of the show (hence this last-second post). That's kind of dumb marketing in my opinion, but hey, no one asked me. Anyway the show is not yet sold out, so go see Kris and the tour tonight, Arkansas! Ticket link above.

Updated 12/18/2016: Not much media; only one picture actually. Not a surprise. Tracy rejoined the show.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Comfort and Joy Tour: December 17, 2016: Wichita, KS

Comfort and Joy Tour
December 17, 2016
Orpheum Theatre
Wichita, KS
8:00 PM CST

The tour resumes in Wichita, Kansas. Tracy is now back with it!

Updated 12/20/2016: Found a couple of small things and a nice video of Peace Where the Heart Is...

Monday, December 12, 2016

Comfort and Joy Tour: December 15, 2016: Oxford, AL

Comfort and Joy Tour
December 15, 2016
Oxford Performing Arts Center
Oxford, AL
7:00 PM CST

Kris and Jim and company travel south to a town named Oxford, Alabama located about halfway between Birmingham and Atlanta off I-20 (about an hour or so from each city).

Updated 12/16/16: Found a couple of things on IG for this show; view them after the break!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Comfort and Joy Tour: December 14, 2016: Charlotte, NC

Comfort and Joy Tour
December 14, 2016
McGlohon Theater
Charlotte, NC
7:30 PM EST

Kris and the rest of the Jim Brickman gang leave snowy (as predicted as of this writing) New Hampshire for North Carolina and the Queen City.

Updated 12/16/16: Finding some things on IG for this show! Linked below...

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Comfort and Joy Tour: December 12, 2016: Manchester, NH

Comfort and Joy Tour
December 12, 2016
Palace Theatre
Manchester, NH
7:00 PM EST

Kris travels to Manchester, NH with the Comfort and Joy Tour.

Updated 12/13/2016: Manchester wins the best list yet as the intrepid @bignliddle and @ameeliu managed to live tweet and bring us lots of photos/videos, plus fill me in on the exact goings on! No Tracy, but lots of good stuff! Don't miss it!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Kris Allen and Parachute on Tour April 2017

In case you missed the announcement this week, Kris Allen will be opening for his friends in the band Parachute this April on their Getaway Tour. If you aren't familiar with Parachute, they are a really fun pop music band from Charlottesville,VA who now are Nashville-based. I am very psyched about this pairing and look forward to covering it! Based on their tweets, Parachute seems to be planning a lot of fun surprises for their fans.

Tickets went on sale today and you can pick them up via Kris' official site.

Comfort and Joy Tour: December 11, 2016: Wilmington, DE

Comfort and Joy Tour
December 11, 2016
The Playhouse on Rodney Square
Wilmington, DE
2:00 PM EST

Next stop for Kris and the Comfort and Joy Tour? A short drive east from Maryland to Wilmington, DE. This is the best stop for those of you in Philadelphia and New York City, as you can take the train to a 2 pm Sunday matinee. (The 7 PM show mentioned on the poster has been cancelled.)

Updated 12/13/2016: Well with our intrepid NYCers in attendance, of course we have some goodies! For those keeping track, Tracy Silverman did not perform at this show.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Comfort and Joy Tour: December 10, 2016: College Park, Maryland

Comfort and Joy Tour
December 10, 2016
The Clarice
Dekelboum Concert Hall
College Park, MD
7:30 PM EST

Kris goes to the land of the terrapins when the Comfort and Joy Tour stops at this venue on the University of Maryland campus. Not the most convenient venue for people who live in the nation's capital, but some regulars from there (mostly the Maryland-based ones) will be going. (In case you are wondering, I'm not going to this since I saw the tour in Sarasota.)

Updated 12/15/2016: Ha ha well you know people from DC can be sneeky and so we do have a few videos and photos taken when Jim wasn't looking! ;) They did play with set list order and Tracy missed this performance too.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Comfort and Joy Tour: December 9, 2016: Kansas City, MO

Comfort and Joy Tour
December 9, 2016
Helzburg Hall
Kansas City, MO
7:30 PM CST

Kris now travels with the Comfort and Joy Tour to Kansas City, Missouri. He will also make an appearance at local radio station 99.7 the Point; see below for details!

Updated 12/15/2016: I heard this was a lovely show, with a bonus performance from the Kansas City Symphony. There is some audio and I've found a few pictures and a nice review (below)!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Comfort and Joy Tour: December 8, 2016: Denver, Colorado

Comfort and Joy Tour
December 8, 2016
Paramount Theatre
Denver, CO
7:30 PM MST

After a short break home for Kris, he rejoins the Comfort and Joy Tour in Denver.

Updated 12/13/2016: Seems Denver had a more relaxed media policy - so we've got some goodies for you after the break! Plus Kris broke out I Want a Hippopotamus and Blue Christmas, so there you go.

Appearance: December 6, 2016: Good Time Inc. Pop-Up Shop, Nashville, TN

Kris and others from the Good Time Inc. management roster are appearing at a pop-up holiday shop in Nashville.

Updated 12/8/2016: Turnout seemed pretty good from the media posted (Full set of videos! From a Nashville show! It's a Krismas miracle)...

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Comfort and Joy Tour: December 3, 2016: River Forest, IL

Comfort and Joy Tour
December 3, 2016
Lund Auditorium 
Dominican University Performing Arts Center
River Forest, IL
7:30 PM CST
Kris spends two nights in the same state as the Comfort and Joy Tour moves slightly east to another Chicago suburb.

If you haven't already seen my post on the Jim Brickman tour, do look it over - my coverage will be different than you are used to. I'm not doing lists, and I wouldn't expect live tweets, fan videos or streams - there's a strict anti-recording, anti-phone use policy in effect for most of the show.

Updated 12/6/2016. A nice ninja video of A Little Bit of Christmas! Well done River Forest!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Comfort and Joy Tour: December 2, 2016: Batavia, IL

Comfort and Joy Tour
December 2, 2016
Batavia Fine Arts Center
Batavia, IL
7:30 PM CST

Four states that aren't really close to each other - Whew! The tour and Kris come to Batavia, IL (a Chicago suburb) tonight.

Updated with media on 12/6/2016

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Comfort and Joy Tour: December 1, 2016: Pittsburgh, PA

Comfort and Joy Tour
December 1, 2016
Byham Theater
Pittsburgh, PA
7:30 PM EST

In two days, Kris will have gone from Florida's sunny beaches to Texas to Pittsburgh. Whew! Specical to this stop, there is a local radio station running a meet Kris contest - so I've included all the links you'd need for that in this post.

Updated on 12/3/2016 with set list and media from radio station visit.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Comfort and Joy Tour: November 30, 2016: Fort Worth, TX

Comfort and Joy Tour
November 30, 2016
Bass Performance Hall
Fort Worth, TX
7:30 PM CST

Kris has to leave the beaches of the Florida suncoast behind and head to Fort Worth, Texas for the Comfort and Joy Tour's next stop.

Updated 12/6/2016. This particular stop gave us great videos of Peace Where the Heart Is, linked below.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Comfort and Joy Tour: November 29, 2016: Sarasota, FL

Comfort and Joy Tour
November 29, 2016
Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall
Sarasota, FL
7:30 PM EST

Kris begins his run with Jim Brickman's Comfort and Joy holiday tour in one of my absolute favorite places in the world (and definitely in Florida) - the resort town of Sarasota (about an hour or so south of Tampa and about a 1/2 hour south of our family's vacation home). Luckily for you guys, I will be there (thanks American Airlines for that fare sale!) and will give you a full report. I've never been to this venue but have driven by it often and wondered. It's right on beautiful Sarasota Bay near downtown.

If you haven't already seen my post on the Jim Brickman tour, do look it over - my coverage will be different than you are used to. I'm not doing lists, and I wouldn't expect live tweets, fan videos or streams - There was a strict anti-video, anti-phone policy in effect until Jim relaxed it for the final 3 songs..

My notes on the show: It was good and I enjoyed the whole show. Be aware if you go: It's not like a routine club show; it's more like a night at the theatre (dress accordingly please) and the music overall is adult contemporary. The Sarasota crowd loved it and showed a lot of appreciation for Kris' vocals (which were superb). He does a solo and a group number in first half, and a solo and several group numbers in second half. There's banter and costume changes. Strict no phones or cameras rule, which Jim relaxed for the final few numbers. So I did take some IG videos & many people took photos. I've noted what Kris sings in the set list; and added my comments on those numbers. Different type of show from your usual club solo headlining show, but he sounds fantastic and it's the holiday season, so I recommend checking it out!
UPDATED 12/6/2016 with corrected set list and media

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving! My Plans for Covering the Comfort and Joy Tour

With the mall shows over, it's time to plan for the next thing on Kris' agenda: The Comfort and Joy Tour with Jim Brickman, who is a prolific adult contemporary artist and radio show host. Back in October, Jim released a Christmas original song entitled A Little Bit of Christmas, which features a terrific vocal from Kris. He also announced that Kris would be a special guest on select stops on his Comfort and Joy tour. Jim's tour page says it's like a "Christmas card come to life." Sounds good to me; I love Christmas-y things!

I recommend you check Kris' official website for a list of which stops Kris will be at and ticket links, but here's the picture Jim posted on Instagram (if the city has a star, Kris will be there).

Kris' preview: When I spoke with Kris after his excellent solo holiday show in McLean, VA last week, he seemed very excited about the shows with Jim. While not being too specific, he did indicate that he thought it would be very cool and something we'd enjoy! He did make sure that I knew that he will be singing "Jim's songs."  I told him that I personally really like A Little Bit of Christmas, and promised to bone up on the rest of Jim's catalog. Kris also tweeted a friend of mine that there will indeed be Somethin' About Christmas CDs for sale during the shows, for those who wanted to purchase those.

Update: Kris' street team tweets that Kris will be at Jim's meet and greets. I'd contact them with any questions you have about that.

What to expect from my coverage of the tour? I'm not really sure! I'd started twitter lists, but now I don't think they will be the way to go. I'm happy to say I'll be at the first show (conveniently located near my vacation home, yay), but a friend of mine who is a big Jim fan warns me that these aren't rock shows or venues and fans should not plan on streams or videos, as these venues might not permit it and it will feel out of place to do it. (Think a night at the theatre instead.) I will be sure to give you guys a good review of that show, and hopefully, it will come with a program so I can tell you what's being sung or performed and by whom after the show.

As of now, I'm not planning to make a twitter list active for each show; I don't expect live tweets from them. Instead, I will do a basic post for each show, with the information you need about it so you can know and go, and then add whatever media, etc; there is to add. (Of course if streams or videos do pop up, they'll be added too.)

Also, an admin. note: I will be on vacation in sunny Florida without a computer those first four shows, and plan to schedule those posts in advance. The main live coverage will be via my Twitter and Instagram accounts to start, with updates to the posts to follow once I'm home.

For now though, before we begin the Comfort and Joy Christmas shows, it is time to enjoy Thanksgiving with friends and family! I wish you all a wonderful holiday. - KAL

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Holiday Concert: November 18, 2016: McLean, VA

Free Holiday Concert
Tysons Corner Center
McLean, VA
6:30 PM Eastern

How fun! Kris is playing the northern Virginia mall I grew up with and had my very first job in! Back in those days, it was pretty simple (although oy, I remember working those Christmas sales). Developers and Kris may call it Tysons, VA, but sorry, that mall is in McLean - just off the Beltway, with a Silver Line metro stop, and it is very nice (and very popular).

The concerts are held in an outdoor plaza next to condo high rises that were recently built. I saw Gavin DeGraw there and it's a cool setup, with fire pits, an ice rink, Shake Shack and bars. The Metro will let you off right into the outdoor concert plaza.  (If you're curious about stage set up after all that description, here's a video of Gavin DeGraw doing that show. Now just imagine a Christmas tree next to that! Although Kris' mall shows have a simpler set-up, since it's Kris and Andrew acoustic.)

It is predicted to be nice weather (I know, right? At a Kris show?), and probably will be in the 50s at showtime. If you are in NoVa and not stuck at work, you should definitely come out for a free, fun holiday show! WASH-FM (97.1) will be broadcasting from the event starting around 5 PM eastern (I'll link them below in the post so you can listen live).

Of course I will be there for Kris! Looking forward to it! I did win my way into the meet and greet (which will be inside in that same set you've seen in the other mall posts), so will cover that too. Hope to meet some of you as well.

Updated after the show: Holy Christmas that was fun! Tysons did a fantastic job. A big shoutout to Dani, who was the mall's fabulous coordinator for the event. My friend and I had a couple of nice conversations with Kris and he was in great voice and energy last night. I think I've got everything up now that's worth getting, and my review is at the bottom of this post, but keep checking back as more gets posted. As always the DMV came through!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Writer's Round: Two Story Road and Friends, November 16, 2016: Nashville, TN

Kris will be joining his friends in Two Story Road and some other singer-songwriters on November 16 for a sold out writer's round at the Nashville venue the Bluebird Cafe. If you are in Nashville, some limited seats will be available first come first serve (doors open 5 pm).

Updated after the show: Reflecting the last-minute nature of the show (and the lack of advance publicity), there isn't much media, but Kris' street team did share a picture and the set list:

Photo by @Team_Kris
Photo by @Team_Kris
Set List for Kris:
  1. Monster 
  2. Way Up High 
  3. Mommy, Is There More Than Just One Santa Claus
  4. Venice 
  5. Live Like We're Dying

Friday, November 11, 2016

Holiday Concert: November 13, 2016: Freehold, NJ

Free Holiday Concert
Freehold Raceway Mall
(Between Brio Tuscan Grille, LL Bean and the Cheesecake Factory)
Freehold, NJ
5 PM Eastern

Kris continues to bring holiday cheer to the east coast by visiting the mall in Freehold, NJ, about 50 miles from New York City and about 65 miles from Philadelphia, and known for being Bruce Springsteen's childhood home. Kris performed a successful show here in 2014, with one of the best full band versions of Out Alive we've ever gotten (mashed with a pinch of Springsteen's Secret Garden).

Updated: Coldest show and biggest list yet for the Christmas mall tour, and this mall gave us a livestream of most of the show (if you went, please check my setlist for order and correct me if needed)! Full set of videos and more after the break, earning Freehold the #gavegoodlist award!
UPDATED 11/14/2016

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Holiday Concert: November 12, 2016: Danbury, CT

Free Holiday Concert
Danbury Fair Mall, Danbury, CT
Lower Level, by Lord and Taylor
November 12, 2016
4:00 PM Eastern

Kris returns to the east coast to give the people of the northeast a holiday treat, with the latest of his free mall appearances. This one is in Danbury, CT, about 70 miles from New York City and an easy train trip away. Even better, this mall is large and has been promoting the concert, plus we have some regular listers going!

Updated after the show: Another successful mall appearance in the books, and thanks to our friend Ang, we've got video, set list and more after the break!
UPDATED 12/11/2016

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Holiday Concert: November 10, 2016: Rosemont, IL (Chicago)

Free Holiday Concert
Thursday, November 10, 2016
Fashion Outlets of Chicago - Food Court
Rosemont, IL (Chicago)
7:30 PM CST

Kris continues his holiday concerts at malls with this one in Rosemont, a suburb of Chicago near O'Hare airport. I've been surprised that I haven't found many people going, but I do have a good friend (her twitter is locked but she promises to report) and her friends on this list. :)

Updated: This show may have been a victim of a remote location and poor publicity as it wasn't as well attended as it should have been. That's too bad. I suspect things will perk up quite a bit, though, with the next three mall shows as they are east coast, and two of the malls are large and do social media well. Plus it's a big shopping weekend sales-wise. As for this show, my friend and her friends really enjoyed the show and had fun talking to Kris both before and after. We've got some IG videos this AM, a full set list and some good pics this morning, and some videos this evening, so Chicago, those of you who went have earned #gavegoodlist!
UPDATED 11/13/2016

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Holiday Concert: November 6, 2016: Fresno, CA

Free Holiday Concert
Sunday, November 6, 2016
Fashion Fair Mall (just outside Sephora)
Fresno, CA
6:00 PM PST

The second of several free mall appearances by Kris takes place in Fresno. All of the malls have run or are running meet and greet contests, so we'll cover those as best we can too! If you're going, remember the time change on Sunday the 6th - set those clocks back an hour on Saturday night so you don't miss the show!

Updated after the show! Looks like it was a balmy night, and we did get a Periscope of most of it, plus awesome live tweets from OutlandoGirl!  Kris was feeling it as he varied from the written set list and gave them Idol Medley. Link to the scope and media after the break!
UPDATED 11/19/2016

Holiday Concert: November 5, 2016: Thousand Oaks, CA

Free Holiday Concert
Saturday, November 5, 2016
The Oaks Mall  (Center Court)
Thousand Oaks, CA
6:00 PM PDT

The first of several free mall appearances by Kris takes place in greater Los Angeles. All of the malls have run or are running meet and greet contests, so we'll cover those as best we can too! We have some good live tweeters going.

UPDATED after the show: Kris sounded fantastic and thank you to our live tweeters for set list and a Periscope! Well done! #gavegoodlist is awarded! Several premieres! Periscope and full YouTube playlist linked (and premieres embedded) after the break.
UPDATED 11/6/2016 PM

College Show: November 4, 2016: NACA Northeast Showcase, Hartford, CT

National Association for Campus Activities
Northeast Regional Showcase
November 4, 2016
Connecticut Convention Center
Hartford, CT
2:19 PM EDT

Kris is doing another college showcase, this time for colleges in the northeast. These are private events for those attending the larger convention. I'm sure he will impress a bunch more college activities boards! Personally, I like that this particular one is close to New York City as it is his new Christmas album release day!

UPDATED: Another successful showcase in the books based on live tweets! Some media in post.
UPDATED 11/05/2016

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Somethin' About Christmas by Kris Allen - New Album Available November 4!

So excited for the release of Kris' first full-length Christmas album, Somethin' About Christmas! While he's released several Christmas singles over the years, as well as an EP, Waiting for Christmas, this is his first full-length Christmas release. He'll be doing several mall appearances this month to promote it, starting on Saturday in the Los Angeles area.

Buy it! Amazon | iTunes | GooglePlay | Physical CD available from KAO only

Stream it! Spotify | Tidal

The tracks feature duets with Gabe Dixon and Caroline Glaser, as well as a studio version of Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree (a song Kris last performed as part of his Idol duties for Disney's 2009 Christmas special). The cute original song he recently premiered at his alumni concert last week, Mommy, Is There More Than Just One Santa Claus, is also on the new album. Upon first listen, I really enjoyed the new original song Just Like Snow.

Note: His song with Jim Brickman, A Little Bit of Christmas, is not on the new album, but it is available too! Links are in this post to stream and buy that song.

So yes, we are so ready for Somethin' About Christmas!

In the meantime, to get you more in the holiday spirit while we wait for Friday, here are my other posts over the years covering Krismas concerts, songs, etc.!

Merry Krismas! --KAL

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

We Need a Little Krismas! All the Kris Allen 2016 Mall Christmas Concerts Info Here!

Photo of Kris Allen via Pop Dirt
I thought I'd do a single post now to list all the Christmas mall appearances from Kris Allen coming our way. Besides the Comfort and Joy tour supporting Jim Brickman, he'll be doing some tree lightings and mall appearances solo! (I'm so happy one of those is in my area so you know you'll get great coverage on that one!) (Updated 11/04/2016)

So, here's where you can go see Kris sing Christmas tunes live this November at your local mall! The mall appearances also all have contests going on to meet Kris which require you to follow the mall on IG and Facebook, so I've included handy links to do that. Pro Tip: Having previously won an IG contest from the NoVa mall on this list, I will tell you it's very important to follow contest directions exactly.

Also, please be sure to let me know @KrisAllenLists on Twitter if you will be going to a show. It's very much appreciated by me when you do that! I will update this post with additional information and dates should they become available.

November 4:  Christmas Album Release Day! Somethin' About Christmas (Kris' new Christmas album) will be released! Check out my special separate post for the album release. In the meantime, find information on Jim's Christmas single A Little Bit of Christmas, featuring Kris on vocals, here!

November 5, Thousand Oaks, CA:  6 PM PDT Concert at Center Court, The Oaks Mall in greater Los Angeles. Free! The mall ran an IG and Facebook contest for VIP Meet and Greet between October 25 and 28 - hope you entered! Click here for official rules in PDF format.

November 6, Fresno, CA: 6 PM PST Concert at Fresno Fashion Fair Mall outside Sephora!  Free! The mall ran an IG and Facebook contest for VIP Meet and Greet between October 25 and 28 - hope you entered. Click here for official rules in PDF format.

November 10, Rosemont, IL (Chicago): 7:30 PM Concert at Fashion Outlets of Chicago in Rosemont, IL. Free! The mall will run an IG and Facebook contest for VIP Meet and Greet between October 31 and November 3 - be sure to follow their accounts then to enter. Click here for official rules in PDF format.

November 12, Danbury, CT: 4 PM Concert at Danbury Fair Mall in Danbury CT. Free! The mall will run an IG and Facebook contest for VIP Meet and Greet between November 1 and November 4 - be sure to follow their accounts then to enter. Click here for official rules in PDF format.

November 13, Freehold, NJ: 5 PM Concert at Freehold Raceway Mall in Freehold, NJ. Free! The mall will run an IG and Facebook contest for VIP Meet and Greet between November 1 and November 4 - be sure to follow their accounts then to enter. Click here for official rules in PDF format.

November 18, McLean, VA (DC area): 6 PM Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony at Tysons Corner Center on the Plaza where they have all the events. Free! This is the one I'm going to and if you are in the DC area, this is super-convenient, as the Silver Line Tysons Corner stop will let you off right onto the Plaza. This one is sponsored by DC's #1 holiday radio station, WASH-FM, and the mall will run its VIP Meet and Greet contest between November 11 and 14, so follow these accounts: Facebook | Instagram. Click here for the contest rules in PDF format.

Merry Krismas! Good Luck on the VIP contests!

College Show: October 28, 2016: Allen & Baber Back at Home, Univ. of Central Arkansas, Conway, AR

Allen & Baber Back at Home
October 28, 2016

University of Central Arkansas
Reynolds Performance Hall
Conway, AR
7:30 PM CDT
Opening Acts: Matthew Huff, Adam Hambrick and Hannah Blaylock

Kris, Barrett Baber (a country musician who got 3rd place on The Voice; he joined Kris and Luke Wade in Bentonville to cover Purple Rain earlier this year), Adam Hambrick (who is an excellent musician himself and co-wrote It's Always You; I highly recommend you click my link for him and check out his mixtape July), Hannah Blaylock (an old friend of Kris who sang on Cale's demos and with the band Eden's Edge), and Matthew Huff (an indie country musician) all attended the University of Central Arkansas and are joining forces for this acoustic concert at their former school. I'm really hoping for some good collabs with Kris, Hannah and Adam from this show. This one should be good as our friend @ArtistSupporter will be in attendance!

Updated: What a great show. All of them were in great voice and we got not one but two streams so we could enjoy along with the audience! Plus two premieres - one group song cover and a new Christmas song!  The #gavegoodlist award is yours, Conway! Set list and media (including Papa Allen's and @ArtistSupporter's videos) after the break...
UPDATED 11/07/2016

Friday, October 21, 2016

New Christmas Song! A Little Bit of Christmas is Here! Album News!

Artwork for A Little Bit of Christmas

Exciting news this AM! Jim Brickman and Kris have put out a Christmas 2016 single for radio play called A Little Bit of Christmas. For those wondering, Kris is the vocalist on the song and it is terrific! It's an inspirational song for these crazy times. Be sure to buy it, but also important, make sure you stream it on Jim or Kris' official sites when/if it gets posted!

The song is available on iTunes, Google Play , Amazon and Spotify.

Make sure to catch Kris and Jim on tour this winter with the Comfort and Joy Tour! And according to this People article, Kris' new Christmas album Somethin' About Christmas will be released on November 4!

Charity Event: October 24, 2016: Musician's Corner Paul Simon Tribute Concert, Nashville, TN

Still Crazy After All These Years:
Paul Simon, a 75th Birthday Tribute Concert
October 24, 2016

City Winery
Nashville, TN
Doors 6 PM CDT
Show 8 PM CDT

Preview:Singer-songwriter Paul Simon is turning 75 this month, and to honor him and raise funds for Musician's Corner, several Nashville artists (including Kris) are holding this tribute concert. While I was wondering if Kris would go with Mrs. Robinson (which he's covered before) or with his own song Young Love, or as I call it (and he called it for 2 1/2 years, "Paul Simon" because it seemed like a Paul Simon-type song), one of the other participants spilled the beans and revealed Kris will perform Still Crazy After All These Years (hattip @tmg84). I'm more of a 70s Paul Simon girl, so I'm pleased, and Paul Simon is a big influence for Kris so I'm sure he will do it justice.

Updated after the show: You really can't go too wrong with Paul Simon and I heard nothing but great stuff on all the IG videos the list posted. Our girl Ameeliu has posted a full video of Kris covering Still Crazy After All These Years (embedded below).
UPDATED 10/26/2016

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Private Event: October 14, 2016: NACA Mid-Atlantic Showcase, Buffalo, NY

Fantastic pic by @ACMStudentLife (Allegany College in MD)
Apologies! I was roadtripping in the actualfax Mid-Atlantic to pick up my own college kid yesterday and completely spaced out on the fact Kris was doing the Mid-Atlantic showcase for the National Association of Campus Activities, Mid-Atlantic Regional conference. (By the way, Letting You In makes for fantastic road-tripping music, just saying!)

From the pictures I've seen, looked like it went great! I'll add anything related to this event to this post. (Updated 10/18/2016)

Set List! (Thank you @p_eleph and Elmira College Campus Activities Board)
  1. Love Will Find You
  2. Faster Shoes
  3. Live Like You're Dying
Photo by Kristy (@kcosta25 on Instagram)
Photo by @SVC_APB (St Vincent College, PA)

(Photo by @Devon_Dyer)

Thursday, October 13, 2016

College Show: October 15, 2016: Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA

Poster by Muhlenberg Activities Council
October 15, 2016
Seegers Union
Muhlenberg College
Allentown, PA

Show and List Preview:
Kris is back on the college show circuit playing a gig at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Updated: Seems like they enjoyed the show. I will post media as it pops up after the break.
UPDATED 10/16/2016

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Festival: October 9, 2016: Moon River Festival, Memphis, TN

Photo via Moon River Festival on IG (@moonriverfestival)
Moon River Festival
 October 7, 8 and 9th
Leavitt Shell
Memphis, TN
Kris' set 3:45 PM Central
October 9, 2016
All ages

Show and List Preview:
Kris joins a three-day festival with a spectacular line-up. Oh, I do wish this had been scheduled in the DC area! Seriously, it's a fantastic line-up of indie pop, folk, americana and country singer-songwriters, and if you are able to get to Memphis, you should go. Be sure to use the hashtag #moonriverfest on social media if you do go.

Updated 4/6/2017: Looks like it was a great crowd and a beautiful day in Memphis. Set list and media after the break, plus a fantastic recap video of the event set in part to Move by Kris...

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Charity Event: September 30, 2016: Lake Blue Ridge, Georgia

Photo via Firefly Music
Benefit - Lake Ridge Civic Association Scholarship Fund
September 30, 2016
Private Residence
Blue Ridge, GA
7:00 PM EDT

Show and List Preview:
Kris and the band are playing a private gig (although tickets are on sale to public; sold out except for VIP) at a very sweet looking private residence (picture above) in Georgia to benefit the scholarship fund of the Lake Blue Ridge Civic Association. The area they are in looks gorgeous.

Update After the Show: The event was a huge success, raising over $3000 for the scholarship! Media and set list after the break...
UPDATED 10/05/2016

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Private Event: October 1, 2016, NACA South Regional Conference (College Showcase), Charleston, SC

Photo of Kris Allen Band performing at 2014 NACA Showcase by @sarahj1388
NACA South Regional Conference Showcase
October 1, 2016
8:50 PM EDT
Charleston Area Convention Center
Charleston, SC

Show and List Preview:
Kris and the band play a showcase for the National Association of Campus Activities South Regional Conference. This is a chance for them to show off to various campus activities boards why they would be a great act to play at college campuses. They did a similar showcase back in 2014 that resulted in a number of bookings. Kris is also booked to appear at two more regional conferences this fall (NACA Mid-Atlantic in Buffalo on October 14 and NACA Northeast on November 4 in Hartford, CT).

Update after the show: Not much media yet, but these are southern college kids. I have a few of my own so it may take a couple of days! From the clip of LLWD, seems like the crowd enjoyed it! Media is posted after the break...
UPDATED 10/02/2016

Friday, September 2, 2016

College Show: September 4, 2016: WNEPalooza, Western New England University

Photo via

September 4, 2016
Commonwealth Lawn
Western New England University
Springfield, MA
2-6 PM ET


Show and List Preview:
Kris is back on the college show circuit headlining this annual welcome back to campus concert for students at Western New England University. The concert is part of a bigger party from 2 to 6 PM; it's uncertain what time Kris' set will be.

No twitter list (I've learned my lesson on doing these for college shows plus I will be busy getting my kids back to college themselves), but will post media as it pops up after the break...

Updated: Kind of sparsely attended, sadly. These things depend on the college and the college culture I think, plus start of school = a lot of competing events. Some media after the break.
UPDATED 09/21/2016

Monday, July 25, 2016

Charity Event: July 21 and 23, 2016: National Hemophilia Foundation, Kissimmee, FL

Photo by Rob Herbert Drums

Charity Event: National Hemophilia Foundation
Gaylord Palms Resort
Kissimmee, FL
July 21 and 23, 2016
Appearing with Melinda Doolittle

While I was traveling, Kris and his good pal Melinda Doolittle performed at both the opening and closing events during a charity convention for the National Hemophilia Foundation in the Orlando area. (Post updated 7/27/2016)

Set List (July 21):
  • Rise Up (with Melinda) - PREMIERE (Cover - Andra Day)
  • No Boundaries [Facebook video]
  • Live Like We're Dying
Set List (July 23):
More photos here: [Instagram] | [Facebook post]

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Summer Plans for KAL!

Hoping Kris is enjoying his "paternity leave" and family time! While he's doing that, I thought I'd post a short update on my summertime-and-beyond plans for this blog and its related social media accounts.

For Twitter and Instagram, while I'm not going to be spamming your timelines quite like I do during tour times, I do intend to do so on #ThrowbackThursday and #FlashbackFriday, using retweets and reposts of things I spot on there. (Links to my Twitter and Instagram accounts, and Kris' accounts too, are on the right hand side of the blog.)

My YouTube account has been the neglected stepchild and needs some real organization. So I'll be working on that when time permits. I also want to get videos linked on to the master song list.

As for the blog itself, summertime is always a great time to catch up on media you may have missed. To help Kris fans do just that, I'm planning to write some occasional posts to highlight different shows from the Letting You In Tour, with a focus on some performances or videos that are great and might have been overlooked.

So those are my plans for the site this summer! Let me know via Twitter or in the comments if you have any post or video suggestions, or any other thoughts or ideas! I hope you all have a great summer and stay tuned!