Friday, October 21, 2016

New Christmas Song! A Little Bit of Christmas is Here! Album News!

Artwork for A Little Bit of Christmas

Exciting news this AM! Jim Brickman and Kris have put out a Christmas 2016 single for radio play called A Little Bit of Christmas. For those wondering, Kris is the vocalist on the song and it is terrific! It's an inspirational song for these crazy times. Be sure to buy it, but also important, make sure you stream it on Jim or Kris' official sites when/if it gets posted!

The song is available on iTunes, Google Play , Amazon and Spotify.

Make sure to catch Kris and Jim on tour this winter with the Comfort and Joy Tour! And according to this People article, Kris' new Christmas album Somethin' About Christmas will be released on November 4!