Saturday, October 15, 2016

Private Event: October 14, 2016: NACA Mid-Atlantic Showcase, Buffalo, NY

Fantastic pic by @ACMStudentLife (Allegany College in MD)
Apologies! I was roadtripping in the actualfax Mid-Atlantic to pick up my own college kid yesterday and completely spaced out on the fact Kris was doing the Mid-Atlantic showcase for the National Association of Campus Activities, Mid-Atlantic Regional conference. (By the way, Letting You In makes for fantastic road-tripping music, just saying!)

From the pictures I've seen, looked like it went great! I'll add anything related to this event to this post. (Updated 10/18/2016)

Set List! (Thank you @p_eleph and Elmira College Campus Activities Board)
  1. Love Will Find You
  2. Faster Shoes
  3. Live Like You're Dying
Photo by Kristy (@kcosta25 on Instagram)
Photo by @SVC_APB (St Vincent College, PA)

(Photo by @Devon_Dyer)