Saturday, August 29, 2015

Charity Show: August 31, 2015: Tom Petty Tribute Show, City Winery, Nashville, TN

Poster by @MusiciansCorner

Charity Benefit

Into the Great Wide Open
An Evening of Tom Petty Music

August 31, 2015

City Winery

Nashville, TN

6 PM CDT Doors
8 - 10 PM CDT Show

Show and List Preview:
This looks like such a fantastic show but I say this as a biased Tom Petty fan. Great line-up and you really can't go wrong with Petty music. Give me one of Kris' Tom Petty covers any day over one of his girl pop ones. (For those who don't know, Kris and KAB have covered  Breakdown  several  times, Kris, KAB and GRO covered Free Falling, and Kris tackled Petty's holiday classic Christmas All Over Again during one of his StageIt Christmas shows. Plus the country of Italy failed and didn't get us video of what was supposedly a blistering cover of American Girl.) And Torres got to jam with Ron Blair of the Heartbreakers after KAB's gig in West Palm Beach this summer, plus with his other band in California back in June.

As a huge Petty fan, I've got a couple of songs I'd love to hear covered. I'd love to hear Kris cover Here Comes My Girl from Petty's Damn the Torpedoes album. And the subversive side of me would like to hear him do The Last DJ (which is basically an indictment of the major labels and corporate radio conglomerates). Or maybe he should do what I'd nominate to be the theme song for all Kris fans in major US cities, The Waiting.

He'll probably do Breakdown. We do have some regulars who are going.

Updated: Kris performed Here Comes My Girl :)))) And also, with the rest, Walls. Set list (partial for everyone), video (with some quickie mp3s), IGs of everyone and media after the break...
Updated 9/2/15