Sunday, October 28, 2012

List: October 28, 2012: The Hamilton, Washington, DC

The Hamilton
Washington, DC

7:30 pm Eastern

Well, this one should be a very interesting list! One, many are traveling to DC for this show and DC already is a Kris stronghold. Your very own KAL is DC-based! (I'll be at the show!) Two, the area is under a hurricane watch, although fortunately, as of tonight, the worst will be occurring on Monday. You'll notice I put the local subway and weather guy on it. And three, Kris gave the New York crowd a bunch of surprises last night (including the debut of Wipe it Away from Brand New Shoes)! So who knows what we are in store for!?

The list tonight will be facilitated by @Altrus01 and thank you very much to her for the help!

Set list and some photos here

Saturday, October 27, 2012

List: October 27, 2012: Joe's Pub, New York City, 2 Shows

Joe's Pub
New York City

9:30 PM

Kris performs twice at Joe's Pub tonight to sold out crowds for both shows! Luckily for us, the first show will be livestreamed! Go here to access it. Note: To watch, you will need to create an account with; you can log into it with Facebook or an email. I'd suggest doing this before the show starts.

We'll just have one list tonight, since a few people who are great tweeters are going to both shows! Plus people will tweet media before and after both shows. So one list it is!

And here's the list:

Friday, October 26, 2012

List: October 26, 2012: Fairfield Theatre, Fairfield, CT

Stage One, Fairfield Theatre
Fairfield, CT
7:30 PM Eastern

Tonight, Kris begins a four-day, five-show swing through the East Coast. Fans are very excited! This show will be the smallest of the five, but we have some excellent tweeters and video-takers on this list! Quality, not quantity, sometimes is best!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Throwback Thursday: October 25, 2009: Happy Anniversary KAB!

Every Thursday, we take a look back at Kris in videos, and this week it's a special one! It's the third anniversary of the Kris Allen Band's first performance as a group!

Their first gig as a band? The Miami Dolphins Tailgate performance on October 25, 2009 - a five song peek into all the musical enjoyment we would come to expect from them!

If you want to reminisce a little more, check out this YouTube playlist:

But to celebrate, here's the very first song they did together as a band: Before We Come Undone! Happy Anniversary KAB!

List: October 25, 2012: After Dark, Texas A&M, College Station, TX

After Dark
Texas A&M
College Station, TX
8 PM Central

Tonight Kris repeats his After Dark show at Texas A&M in College Station, TX. The college students loved him in Oklahoma State at this event; expect the same here! If tweeting, use hashtag #AfterDarkTAMU.

And here's the list:

Monday, October 22, 2012

List: October 22, 2012: Concert at One World Theatre, Austin, TX

One World Theatre
Austin, TX
October 22, 2012

Kris continues his Fall 2012 tour in Austin, TX tonight. Last night, we were treated to a new cover of the River by Garth Brooks, as well as the return of Before We Come Undone and Loves Me Not. What surprises do we have in store tonight?

And here's the list!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

List: October 21, 2012: House of Blues, Dallas, TX

Tonight Kris jets back to Texas for a headlining show at the House of Blues in Dallas, TX! Lots of good fans going!

Click here for archived set list and media

Friday, October 19, 2012

List: October 20, 2012: Nigel Lythgoe's Private Vineyard Opening Party

Today's list is one of our little ones to see if we can get any info about a private event that Kris will perform at (along with Haley Reinhart). The occasion is the opening of Villa St. Juliette, a winery co-owned by Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick. It is private and invitation-only, so we may not get many tweets, but Nigel, Kris and Haley are on the list, along with a winery and a winery association that tweeted about the opening. We'll see how it goes!

The more interesting story may be how Nigel intends to get Kris from Houston to Paso Robles, CA and back to Dallas within two days.

Anyway, here's the list:

List: October 19, 2012: Tanger Outlets, Texas City, TX

Concert at Tanger Outlets
Texas City, TX
7 PM Central

Tonight, Kris plays a free show to help open the new Tanger Outlets shopping center in Texas City, TX (near Houston and Galveston). His past two Tanger shows attracted large crowds and had great lists; expect the same tonight!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Throwback Thursday (October 17, 2010): Lifehouse Tour, Come Together at the Roseland Ballroom, NYC

Every Thursday we go back in time Kris-wise and remember past shows and interviews!

Today we go back two years to one of the first shows in the Fall 2010 tour with Lifehouse and Alyssa Bernal (Remember "Cali, Cali, Cali"?) As the middle act, Kris did an eight song set that included some KATA classics and some covers, including the set-closing "Come Together."

This week we all enjoyed a great video of Kris at the Little Kids Rock gala in New York City courtesy of @dbljerseygirl - Turns out she also was at one of the first Lifehouse/Kris shows!

So here's her video of Come Together from the October 17, 2010 show at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City. It's a little sound-muddled (all of the videos from that show are, must have been the sound system), but she was in the front row for one of Kris' first forays into the crowd during Come Together. Also epic Krale around 2:22.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Event: October 16, 2012: Right2Rock2012, a Benefit for Little Kids Rock

A Benefit for Little Kids Rock
Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC
October 16, 2012
6:30 pm EDT until the music stops!
(Post updated 10/17/2013)

Event Preview:

Tonight Kris joins an epic lineup of musicians (with perhaps, just maybe, a very special rumored guest to boot) in an annual fundraiser to benefit Little Kids Rock, a music education charity Kris supports. You may recall he did this event two years ago:

This year, for the 10th anniversary, the benefit is bigger and honors E Street Band guitarist, actor, and Underground Garage host Steven Van Zandt. The amazing lineup of special guests includes the great Elvis Costello, Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, Members of the E Street Band Max Weinberg and Jake Clemons, Southside Johnny, Darlene Love, Dion, Gary US Bonds, Ruben Blades, Michael Des Barres, Michael Johns from Season 7 of Idol and Kris! If you think KAL (a huge Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band fan since childhood for those who did not know) is going to be fangirling, you think correctly!

The Event!

Kris' Set List (with Backing Band):
Solo: The Time of Your Life (Cover - Steven Van Zandt) - PREMIERE
With Other Artists on Program: I Don't Want to Go Home (Cover - Southside Johnny and the Asbury Dukes, written by Steven Van Zandt) - PREMIERE

Complete Set List via WCBS-FM and
  1. Daddy's Little Girl - [Original song by Alia Baez (Little Kids Rock student) with Jake Clemons] [Video] [Video]
  2. Black Magic Widow (Cover - Santana) - [Little Kids Rock students] [Video]
  3. I Wish (Cover - Stevie Wonder) - [Little Kids Rock students] [Video]
  4. One Love (Cover - Bob Marley) - [Little Kids Rock Students] [Video]
  5. Among the Believers [Darlene Love] [Video - includes interview]
  6. Salvation [Michael Johns] [Video] [Video]
  7. Lyin' in a Bed of Fire [Jesse Malin] [Video]
  8. All I Needed Was You [Midtown Men]
  9. Standing in the Line of Fire [Gary U.S. Bonds]
  10. The Time of Your Life [Kris Allen] [Video] [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  11. Soulfire [Michael Des Barres] [Video]
  12. She's Got Me Where She Wants Me [Southside Johnny] [Video]
  13. Bitter Fruit [Dion and Ruben Blades]
  14. This Time Baby's Gone For Good [Elvis Costello] [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  15. Sun City [Tom Morello] [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  16. Until the Good is Gone [Steven Van Zandt and Bruce Springsteen] [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  17. It's Been a Long Time [Steven Van Zandt, Springsteen, and Southside Johnny] [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  18. I Don't Want to Go Home [Everyone] [Video] [Video] [Video] [mp3]

Speeches and Other Videos: [Intro] | [Jake Clemons] | [Bruce Presents Award to SVZ] | [Award Presentation] | [SVZ Acceptance Speech] | [News report from the Neighborhood Journal] | [News report from the Neighborhood Journal #2] | [AXS TV Coverage] | [Michael Johns Interview (MJs Big Blog)] [Kris Allen Interview#1 (MJs Big Blog)] | [Kris Allen Interview #2 (MJs Big Blog)] | [The Little Kids Rock Gala Finale]

And oh yeah, THIS HAPPENED:

(Photo by @KrisAllen well really by @LindsayPGE)

Special note: With so many artists, I'm bound to miss a video or a link! Please forward any corrections, omissions etc. to me on Twitter @KrisAllenLists or to

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Throwback Thursday (October 15, 2009): Kris Live at Seton High School

Every Thursday, we take a fun look back at a Kris video of yore!

This week we are going back to his October 15, 2009, visit to Seton Hall HS in the Cincinnati area. This produced an epic, epic, did I say epic, video of Kris covering Britney Spears' Hit Me One More Time, with help from the girls of Seton Hall. Sadly, when I went to fetch that video for this post, I discovered the person who put it up on You Tube closed their account and took it down. :(

But, luckily, radio station Q102 of Cincinnati posted this awesome video for all of us  - includes the Britney song, Live Like We're Dying, Kris playing viola, Kris singing Happy Birthday and much screaming. Enjoy!

Monday, October 8, 2012

List: October 8, 2012: After Dark at Oklahoma State University

After Dark
Oklahoma State University
October 8, 2012
Gallagher-Iba Arena
8:30 pm Central

Kris performs as part of a religion-themed presentation at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK tonight. Read more about After Dark here.

Tweeters are supposed to use the hashtag #AfterDarkOSU.

Set list and video links:


Plugged-In: Kris, Cale and Torres (Photos by @Paxie_15_E and @browncourtney12)

Set List:
  1. Untitled New Song aka "Paul Simon"
  2. Better With You
  3. Out Alive
  4. The Vision of Love
  5. Alright with Me (Fast) [Video]
  6. Titantium/Every Breath You Take (Cover - David Guetta & Sia and The Police mash-up) [Video]
  7. Rooftops
  8. God Only Knows (Cover - The Beach Boys)
  9. Monster
  10. My Weakness/No Woman No Cry (Mash-up of original with cover - Bob Marley)
  11. Live Like We're Dying
  12. Shut That Door
Also: Happy Birthday to an audience member

Other Acts: Fedel

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Throwback Thursday (October 7, 2010)

Every Thursday we take a look back at a Kris video!

On October 7, 2010, the CW hit The Vampire Diaries aired an episode which included this moody scene and hopefully someone who watches TVD will explain in the comments what was happening! It's very intense, so of course the intense Kris tune I Need to Know fit perfectly as background music!

List: October 4, 2012: Concert at Evanston Space, Evanston, IL (Chicago)

Concert at Evanston SPACE
Evanston, IL
October 4, 2012
8 pm Central

This list had a ton of great Kris fans on it!Lots of good tweets, surprises and videos!


Plugged In - Kris, Cale and Torres (Photos by @ameeliu and @stephenautar)

Set List:

Meet and Greet: Private performance of Should I [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  1. Out Alive [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video partial] [mp3]
  2. Better With You [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video partial] [mp3]
  3. The Vision of Love [Video] [Video]  [mp3]
  4. Alright With Me (Slow) [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  5. Faith/We Are Young/Some Nights (Cover - Faith/George Michael and We Are Young/Some Nights/fun. mash-up)  [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video - partial]  [mp3]
  6. Teach Me How Love Goes  [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  7. God Only Knows (Cover - the Beach Boys)  [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  8. Paul Simon [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  9. Leave You Alone  [Video] [mp3]
  10. Rooftops  [Video] [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  11. Happy Birthday (to audience members)  [Video]  
  12. Monster  [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  13. My Weakness  [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  14. Live Like We’re Dying  [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  15. Titanium/Every Breath You Take  (Cover - David Guetta & Sia and The Police mash-up)  [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [mp3] [mp3]
  16. Shut That Door  [Video] [Video partial] [mp3]

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

List: October 3, 2012: Concert at Off Broadway, St. Louis

In concert
Off Broadway
St. Louis, Missouri
October 3, 2012

Can't wait to see the new set list and hear any surprises in store for us! We do have some good tweeters and video-takers going tonight.

Post-Show! (Updated 10/3/2013)
We sure did have a good list!



Plugged In: Kris, Cale and Torres (Photos by @Haileykins15 and @kiwicuties)

Set List:
Meet and Greet: Private performance of Should I [Video][mp3]
  1. Out Alive [Video] [mp3]
  2. Better With You [Video] [mp3]
  3. Rooftops [Video] [mp3]
  4. The Vision of Love [Video] [mp3]
  5. Alright With Me - PREMIERE of new slower version [Video] [mp3]
  6. Faith/We Are Young/Some Nights (Cover - Faith/George Michael and We Are Young/Some Nights/fun. mash-up) [Video] [mp3]
  7. Teach Me How Love Goes [Video pt 1] [Video pt 2] [mp3 pt 1] [mp3 pt 2]
  8. God Only Knows (Cover - the Beach Boys) [Video] [mp3]
  9. Paul Simon - PREMIERE [Video] [mp3]
  10. St. Louie (Cover - Nelly) (by audience request) - PREMIERE [Video
  11. Leave You Alone [Video] [mp3]
  12. Monster [Video] [mp3]
  13. My Weakness [Video] [mp3]
  14. Live Like We're Dying [Video] [mp3]
  15. Titanium/Every Breath You Take (Cover - David Guetta & Sia/The Police mash-up) - PREMIERE [Video][mp3]
  16. Shut That Door [Video] [mp3]

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