Thursday, October 4, 2012

List: October 4, 2012: Concert at Evanston Space, Evanston, IL (Chicago)

Concert at Evanston SPACE
Evanston, IL
October 4, 2012
8 pm Central

This list had a ton of great Kris fans on it!Lots of good tweets, surprises and videos!


Plugged In - Kris, Cale and Torres (Photos by @ameeliu and @stephenautar)

Set List:

Meet and Greet: Private performance of Should I [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  1. Out Alive [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video partial] [mp3]
  2. Better With You [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video partial] [mp3]
  3. The Vision of Love [Video] [Video]  [mp3]
  4. Alright With Me (Slow) [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  5. Faith/We Are Young/Some Nights (Cover - Faith/George Michael and We Are Young/Some Nights/fun. mash-up)  [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video - partial]  [mp3]
  6. Teach Me How Love Goes  [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  7. God Only Knows (Cover - the Beach Boys)  [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  8. Paul Simon [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  9. Leave You Alone  [Video] [mp3]
  10. Rooftops  [Video] [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  11. Happy Birthday (to audience members)  [Video]  
  12. Monster  [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  13. My Weakness  [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  14. Live Like We’re Dying  [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  15. Titanium/Every Breath You Take  (Cover - David Guetta & Sia and The Police mash-up)  [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [mp3] [mp3]
  16. Shut That Door  [Video] [Video partial] [mp3]

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