Friday, June 28, 2013

Throwback & Flashback Friday! Kris Allen Weekend Dance Party!

I've been slacking a little, but normally on Friday, we flashback to catch up on the Out Alive Tour media, and on Thursday, we throwback to see what Kris did in past years! So this is a catch up post, but it's also a celebration post!

Kris had his third surgery today and reports are that it went very well!

I think a celebration is in order, plus it's Friday! No better time for a Kris Allen Weekend Dance Party!

First, a little Friday flashback to January 19, Charleston, South Carolina for for headonfire1105's video of Seven Nation Army and Shut That Door. Dance Kris dance!

Then let's throwback to the days of Alright With Me dance parties! Here's a great one from June 28, 2010 in Fresno from Danielle Starr.

Do what Kris says, everyone dance!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy 28th Kris!

So it's Kris Allen's birthday! His 28th birthday! This will be our fourth birthday we've celebrated with him as fans, and every year the party gets bigger.

In case you haven't seen all the fan efforts out there for his birthday, here's what Kris fans have done!

Little Pawns (@LittlePawns), his official street team, asked fans to tweet Kris birthday wishes with the hashtag #Happy28thKris and encouraged them to do this using Vine or Instagram videos. They've also been tweeting some fun happy birthday videos all day. The ones that have been posted so far have been pretty cute! Would love to see more of the fan videos!

Kris Fans Unite (@KrisFansUnite) has been running a charity drive this month encouraging fans to give a donation in Kris' honor to Fisher House Foundation, a charity which provides housing and support for military families while their wounded loved ones undergoes medical treatment. Find out more and donate here.

Raise Your Voices (@RaiseVoices) has begun the Born to be Fighters project: a drive to support Ronald McDonald House of Little Rock. Find out more here and then go to this link to purchase items from the Ronald McDonald House's Amazon wish list.

The Dirty Minds (@TheDirtyMinds) were awesome and RTed and supported everyone else's stuff, and were the ones who created and organized a great group card for Kris, which you can view here! (Kris has already received it.)

And me? I tried to RT stuff. And I've decided we need to end the day with a good old fashioned concert re-watch party starting at 9 PM eastern! BYOB and settle in - We're going to be watching Kris' concert from Tucson, Arizona, June 23, 2010. I realize that's not the show he did on June 21, but unfortunately that concert did not have the greatest videos nor did it have all the videos. So June 23 it is, and he's still celebrating his birthday in a few of the videos will watch!

The videos from this playlist are all posted by our friends at @Kris__signal and by Brandibunn1 (no idea on her Twitter). For those who prefer watching directly on YouTube, you can find the playlist here.

 Enjoy! (No cheating and starting this until 9 pm EDT though!)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

List: June 9, 2013: Q97.9 Concert at the Old Port Festival, Portland, Maine

Q97.9 Concert
Old Port Festival
Portland, Maine
June 9, 2013

Concert begins at Noon EDT
Kris headline set begins at 3:45 pm EDT

Also appearing: Spose, Paranoid Social Club, Anna Lombard, Mallet Brothers Band, Kurt Baker Band

Kris returns to Portland, Maine to headline a free concert sponsored by local radio station Q97.9 as part of the city's annual Old Port Festival. Should be a blast!

List Preview:
You'll recognize some names. :) There's some fans of other idols going to check out Kris out of curiosity as well, so here's hoping he slays them!

Updated: Special thanks to Altrus01 for being awesome and babysitting this list. Q97.9 graciously streamed a good portion of Kris' show! And we have some awesome videos from it! Click here for the Set List/Video Links Post.

Friday, June 7, 2013

List: June 7, 2013: State Theatre, Bay City, Michigan

State Theatre
Bay City, MI
7:00 PM EDT

Kris continues his swing through Michigan in the town of Bay City. If you think of Michigan being shaped like your left hand, Bay City is right in between the base of your thumb and your index finger. It borders Lake Huron.

List Preview:
A few Kris regulars are on it. Hoping it will be like last night's quite fantastic Mount Pleasant list and we'll get lots of late minute additions. Twitter appears to have fixed its bugs on Twitter lists which is great!

Michigan loves Kris! Some great media out of this show as well! Click here for the Set List/Video Post.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

List: June 6, 2013: Max and Emily's Summer Concert Series, Mount Pleasant, MI

Max and Emily's
Summer Concert Series
Mount Pleasant, MI


Kris plays Max and Emily's tonight. It is a well-known restaurant in the central Michigan college town of Mount Pleasant that offers a summer concert series featuring well-known musicians. Kris is the first artist of this years' series.

List Preview:
We've got a good group of folks going tonight, and I know one, and another possibly going, are very good with video cameras. ;) You may not see a lot of live tweets during the show, but you should get media afterwards.

Updated: It was a great show (almost 2,500 people!) and we got some awesome media from it. Plus Season 12 semi-finalist Shubha Vedula dueted with Kris on Live Like We're Dying and had a great twitter exchange with Kris.

Check out the Set List/Video Links post here.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

List: June 2, 2013: Give an Hour, A Celebration of Service, BB Kings, New York City

Give an Hour
A Celebration of Service
B.B. Kings
New York City, NY

June 2, 2013

Also performing: Little Big Band featuring Mark Rivera, Gloria Reuben, Danielle Peck, The Secret State and the 9th

Kris headlines a benefit concert for Give an Hour, a non-profit organization whose "mission is to develop national networks of volunteers capable of responding to both acute and chronic conditions that arise within our society." The organization focuses on "meeting the mental health needs of the troops and families affected by the ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan."

List Preview:
We do have some New York list regulars in attendance. One warns that the venue told her no recording, but I'd expect some great tweets and I wouldn't be surprised to get media. 

They had a great time and of course the Kris Allen fans recorded. I always laugh when they worry they can't. I've never seen a fandom so good at it! Set list/Video link post is here! (Don't miss the videos of Monster but do have smelling salts available.)