Sunday, October 28, 2012

List: October 28, 2012: The Hamilton, Washington, DC

The Hamilton
Washington, DC

7:30 pm Eastern

Well, this one should be a very interesting list! One, many are traveling to DC for this show and DC already is a Kris stronghold. Your very own KAL is DC-based! (I'll be at the show!) Two, the area is under a hurricane watch, although fortunately, as of tonight, the worst will be occurring on Monday. You'll notice I put the local subway and weather guy on it. And three, Kris gave the New York crowd a bunch of surprises last night (including the debut of Wipe it Away from Brand New Shoes)! So who knows what we are in store for!?

The list tonight will be facilitated by @Altrus01 and thank you very much to her for the help!

Set list and some photos here