Friday, October 21, 2016

Charity Event: October 24, 2016: Musician's Corner Paul Simon Tribute Concert, Nashville, TN

Still Crazy After All These Years:
Paul Simon, a 75th Birthday Tribute Concert
October 24, 2016

City Winery
Nashville, TN
Doors 6 PM CDT
Show 8 PM CDT

Preview:Singer-songwriter Paul Simon is turning 75 this month, and to honor him and raise funds for Musician's Corner, several Nashville artists (including Kris) are holding this tribute concert. While I was wondering if Kris would go with Mrs. Robinson (which he's covered before) or with his own song Young Love, or as I call it (and he called it for 2 1/2 years, "Paul Simon" because it seemed like a Paul Simon-type song), one of the other participants spilled the beans and revealed Kris will perform Still Crazy After All These Years (hattip @tmg84). I'm more of a 70s Paul Simon girl, so I'm pleased, and Paul Simon is a big influence for Kris so I'm sure he will do it justice.

Updated after the show: You really can't go too wrong with Paul Simon and I heard nothing but great stuff on all the IG videos the list posted. Our girl Ameeliu has posted a full video of Kris covering Still Crazy After All These Years (embedded below).
UPDATED 10/26/2016

Pre-Show/Event Press and Publicity:
The Ticket: If anyone would like to share a picture of their ticket, it would be much appreciated! Please tweet it to @KrisAllenLists or email it to

Set List (Kris):  
  •  Still Crazy After All These Years (Cover - Paul Simon) PREMIERE  [Instagram] | [Instagram - snippet with others] | [mp3]

  • Also, apparently Kris participated in a group number covering Homeless from the Graceland album. - PREMIERE
Teaser set list photo by Musician's Corner (@MusCornerNash)

The Show:
Photo by @ameeliu
Photo by Mariaspears on IG (@mariaspears) - Kris is just to the left of the C in the sign
Photo by Shannon Smith on IG (@chunkydunkingmermaid)

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