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Comfort and Joy Tour: December 12, 2016: Manchester, NH

Comfort and Joy Tour
December 12, 2016
Palace Theatre
Manchester, NH
7:00 PM EST

Kris travels to Manchester, NH with the Comfort and Joy Tour.

Updated 12/13/2016: Manchester wins the best list yet as the intrepid @bignliddle and @ameeliu managed to live tweet and bring us lots of photos/videos, plus fill me in on the exact goings on! No Tracy, but lots of good stuff! Don't miss it!

Pre-Show/Event Press and Publicity:
Thanks @ameeliu!
Set List; Videos of performance are linked after song:

Thank you @HartNurseDeb. Photo by KAL
(This is from a set list (shown above; click on photo to enlarge) forwarded to KAL from Jim's website - any tweaks if known are noted below. Kris' songs are in red; here is a YouTube playlist of them from this show.)

First Half:
  1. Celebration (piano) - Jim Brickman 
  2. Joy to the World (piano) - Jim Brickman
  3. Thanksgiving (piano) - Jim Brickman
  4. That Silent Night -Jim Brickman
  5. Holiday Medley Mashup - What Child is This/God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman/Here Come the Bells - Jim Brickman on piano  
  6. The Gift - Anne Cochran on vocals, accompanied by Jim on piano
  7. The Moment You Were Mine - Anne Cochran on vocals, accompanied by Jim on piano
  8. Fly (piano) - Jim Brickman
  9. Relax (piano) - Jim Brickman
  10. A Little Bit of Christmas - Kris with Jim on piano [Twitter Video] | [YouTube]
  11. Banter video: Kris and Jim discuss Idol
  12. Simple Things - Kris and Anne on vocals, accompanied by Jim on piano [YouTube]

Second Half:
  1. Mommy Is There More Than Just One Santa Claus - Kris [YouTube]
  2. Do You Hear What I Hear - Anne Cochran on vocals; Kris & Jim join. [Twitter video] | [YouTube]
  3. Angel Eyes (piano) - Jim Brickman
  4. Charlie Brown Medley: Christmastime is Here/Hark the Herald Angels Sing/O Christmas Tree (piano) - Jim Brickman 
  5. Inspiration Medley - It Ain't Easy Being Green/Sing (Carpenters)/Over the Rainbow/Rainbow Connection - Jim Brickman
  6. FaLaLa - Jim, Anne and Kris [YouTube]
  7. Stump the Band: I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas (Kris)/You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch (Jim)/Blue Christmas (Kris) [YouTube] | [Twitter video of Blue Christmas]
  8. Coming Home for Christmas - Jim, Anne and Kris [YouTube]
  9. Peace Where the Heart Is - Jim, Anne and Kris [YouTube]
Encore: First Noel/Little Drummer Boy (piano) - Jim Brickman

The Show:  
Photos by @ameeliu
Photos by @bignliddle

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