Monday, November 14, 2016

Writer's Round: Two Story Road and Friends, November 16, 2016: Nashville, TN

Kris will be joining his friends in Two Story Road and some other singer-songwriters on November 16 for a sold out writer's round at the Nashville venue the Bluebird Cafe. If you are in Nashville, some limited seats will be available first come first serve (doors open 5 pm).

Updated after the show: Reflecting the last-minute nature of the show (and the lack of advance publicity), there isn't much media, but Kris' street team did share a picture and the set list:

Photo by @Team_Kris
Photo by @Team_Kris
Set List for Kris:
  1. Monster 
  2. Way Up High 
  3. Mommy, Is There More Than Just One Santa Claus
  4. Venice 
  5. Live Like We're Dying