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Comfort and Joy Tour: November 29, 2016: Sarasota, FL

Comfort and Joy Tour
November 29, 2016
Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall
Sarasota, FL
7:30 PM EST

Kris begins his run with Jim Brickman's Comfort and Joy holiday tour in one of my absolute favorite places in the world (and definitely in Florida) - the resort town of Sarasota (about an hour or so south of Tampa and about a 1/2 hour south of our family's vacation home). Luckily for you guys, I will be there (thanks American Airlines for that fare sale!) and will give you a full report. I've never been to this venue but have driven by it often and wondered. It's right on beautiful Sarasota Bay near downtown.

If you haven't already seen my post on the Jim Brickman tour, do look it over - my coverage will be different than you are used to. I'm not doing lists, and I wouldn't expect live tweets, fan videos or streams - There was a strict anti-video, anti-phone policy in effect until Jim relaxed it for the final 3 songs..

My notes on the show: It was good and I enjoyed the whole show. Be aware if you go: It's not like a routine club show; it's more like a night at the theatre (dress accordingly please) and the music overall is adult contemporary. The Sarasota crowd loved it and showed a lot of appreciation for Kris' vocals (which were superb). He does a solo and a group number in first half, and a solo and several group numbers in second half. There's banter and costume changes. Strict no phones or cameras rule, which Jim relaxed for the final few numbers. So I did take some IG videos & many people took photos. I've noted what Kris sings in the set list; and added my comments on those numbers. Different type of show from your usual club solo headlining show, but he sounds fantastic and it's the holiday season, so I recommend checking it out!
UPDATED 12/6/2016 with corrected set list and media

Pre-Show/Event Press and Publicity:
Photo by KAL
Set List and Videos 
When the phones get banned, the lister goes with paper!
(Kris' songs are in red.)

First Half:
  1. Celebration (piano) - Jim Brickman
  2. Joy to the World (piano) - Jim Brickman
  3. Thanksgiving (piano) - Jim Brickman
  4. That Silent Night -Jim Brickman
  5. Holiday Medley (What Child is This/God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman/Here Come the Bells) - Jim Brickman on piano and Tracy Silverman on electric violin (in Sarasota, they added improv Led Zeppelin/Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple) and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer)
  6. (Not sure of name of this song) - Jim Brickman on piano and Tracy Silverman on electric violin 
  7. A Little Bit of Christmas - Kris with Jim on piano and Tracy on electric violin - PREMIERE - Kris' falsetto was amazing! I was sad I couldn't video this for you. Audience loved it.
  8. Piano solo; not sure of name - Jim Brickman
  9. Fly - Jim Brickman
  10. The Gift - Anne Cochran on vocals, accompanied by Jim on piano
  11. The Moment You Were Mine - Anne Cochran on vocals, accompanied by Jim on piano
  12. Simple Things (corrected) - Kris and Anne on vocals, accompanied by Jim on piano PREMIERE Anne has a lovely voice. I enjoyed this duet.

Second Half:
  1. Mommy Is There More Than Just One Santa Claus - Kris accompanied by Tracy on violin  - Costume change here to a Krismas sweater, and the kicky feet were as kicky as I've seen them in a long time! I liked the addition of the violin.
  2. Christmas Solo (Mashup of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas/Little Drummer Boy/Santa Claus is Coming to Town) (violin) - Tracy  
  3. Do You Hear What I Hear - Anne Cochran on vocals accompanied by Tracy on violin, with Kris and Jim joining in - PREMIERE
  4. Hark The Herald Angels Sing - Jordan Evans (local talent competition winner on piano)
  5. The Promise - Jordan Evans 
  6. Charley Brown medley (Christmastime is Here/Hark the Herald Angels Sing/O Christmas Tree(piano) - Jim 
  7. Inspiration Medley (It Ain't Easy Being Green/Sing (Carpenters)/Over the Rainbow/Rainbow Connection (piano/vocals) - Jim Brickman
  8. Sending You a Little Christmas - Anne Cochran and Jim Brickman
  9. FaLaLa - Jim Brickman, Anne Cochran, Tracy Silverman and Kris PREMIERE Honestly, this was not my favorite but it wasn't awful, just a little cheesy.
  10. Coming Home for Christmas - Jim Brickman, Anne Cochran, Tracy Silverman and Kris PREMIERE [Instagram][Instagram] I really liked this.
  11. Peace Where the Heart Is - Jim Brickman, Anne Cochran, Tracy Silverman and Kris PREMIERE [Instagram] This one was right up Kris' lyrical alley and was very heartfelt. I enjoyed it.

The Show:
Photo by KAL
Major brownie points to @Yendiders who was sneeky and got these great photos:
Costume #1 for first half
Costume for Mommy Is There More Than One Santa Claus
Wooly grey jacket for the last few songs

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