Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving! My Plans for Covering the Comfort and Joy Tour

With the mall shows over, it's time to plan for the next thing on Kris' agenda: The Comfort and Joy Tour with Jim Brickman, who is a prolific adult contemporary artist and radio show host. Back in October, Jim released a Christmas original song entitled A Little Bit of Christmas, which features a terrific vocal from Kris. He also announced that Kris would be a special guest on select stops on his Comfort and Joy tour. Jim's tour page says it's like a "Christmas card come to life." Sounds good to me; I love Christmas-y things!

I recommend you check Kris' official website for a list of which stops Kris will be at and ticket links, but here's the picture Jim posted on Instagram (if the city has a star, Kris will be there).

Kris' preview: When I spoke with Kris after his excellent solo holiday show in McLean, VA last week, he seemed very excited about the shows with Jim. While not being too specific, he did indicate that he thought it would be very cool and something we'd enjoy! He did make sure that I knew that he will be singing "Jim's songs."  I told him that I personally really like A Little Bit of Christmas, and promised to bone up on the rest of Jim's catalog. Kris also tweeted a friend of mine that there will indeed be Somethin' About Christmas CDs for sale during the shows, for those who wanted to purchase those.

Update: Kris' street team tweets that Kris will be at Jim's meet and greets. I'd contact them with any questions you have about that.

What to expect from my coverage of the tour? I'm not really sure! I'd started twitter lists, but now I don't think they will be the way to go. I'm happy to say I'll be at the first show (conveniently located near my vacation home, yay), but a friend of mine who is a big Jim fan warns me that these aren't rock shows or venues and fans should not plan on streams or videos, as these venues might not permit it and it will feel out of place to do it. (Think a night at the theatre instead.) I will be sure to give you guys a good review of that show, and hopefully, it will come with a program so I can tell you what's being sung or performed and by whom after the show.

As of now, I'm not planning to make a twitter list active for each show; I don't expect live tweets from them. Instead, I will do a basic post for each show, with the information you need about it so you can know and go, and then add whatever media, etc; there is to add. (Of course if streams or videos do pop up, they'll be added too.)

Also, an admin. note: I will be on vacation in sunny Florida without a computer those first four shows, and plan to schedule those posts in advance. The main live coverage will be via my Twitter and Instagram accounts to start, with updates to the posts to follow once I'm home.

For now though, before we begin the Comfort and Joy Christmas shows, it is time to enjoy Thanksgiving with friends and family! I wish you all a wonderful holiday. - KAL