Thursday, December 12, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Kris' Stage-It Christmas Concert, December 20, 2012

Every Thursday (most of them anyway) we take a look back at Kris' career via video.

Today is a special Thursday, because tonight is Kris' Stage-It Christmas concert. This year it will be held in Nashville and feature Cale, Andrew St. Marie and maybe some others. This is an online concert and a rare opportunity for international fans, not to mention American fans of scorned states and cities, to catch Kris live via the magic of the Internet.

So if you haven't gotten your ticket yet, what the heck are you waiting for? The first batch sold out and the second batch of tickets will too. As of the time I write this (Wednesday night), there are only 44 tickets left! Get yourself a ticket here! And if money is tight or you don't have a Paypal, then just post in the chat area that you are looking to hitch a ride and I'm sure a generous Kris fan will gift you the ticket. (For those wondering, I won't do a list since really everyone in the fandom who is not otherwise engaged with work or school events should go to this show. But I will post the setlist afterwards.)

Still not convinced? Let's take a look at some highlights from last year's Christmas show for Throwback Thursday!

Here was the 2012 setlist:

Part 1 Video, including:

  • Holly Jolly Christmas (Cover - Burl Ives) - PREMIERE
  • The Christmas Song (Cover - Nat King Cole)
  • Please Come Home for Christmas (Cover - Charles Brown) - PREMIERE
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Cover - Judy Garland)
  • Christmas All Over Again (Cover - Tom Petty) - PREMIERE

Part 2 Video, including:

  • White Christmas (Cover - Bing Crosby)
  • Oh Holy Night (Traditional Carol) (This one is soooooo pretty)

And the encore (yes, if enough people buy tickets and tip $, you get an encore/longer show):

  • Monster
  • No Boundaries (Reggae)
  • Blindfolded

And this last hauntingly beautiful number, which he sang right after the Newtown tragedy of 2012...

  • Where Are You, Amy? - dedicated to people of Newtown, CT - PREMIERE [Video]

During the show last year, people got the opportunity to tip the artist (i.e., Kris). The top tippers won cool swag including personalized ornaments. This year, according to a post on Kris' official website, we shall be tipping for the opportunity to win "some exciting new-album related rewards." Sounds good!

See you there in the StageIt Main Stage Chatroom tonight! 8 PM Eastern Standard Time (7 PM Central, 5 PM Pacific).