Monday, December 30, 2013

2013: The Year in Kris Allen Performances (Part Two of Two)

Every year, I try to keep a YouTube playlist of Kris Allen's live performances and get it out to my followers as a thank you for following me. I look for a good video of each performance and try to make sure that people who don't normally post video are included as well. This year, with the Out Alive tour, we ended up with a five part playlist (YouTube allows 200 videos per list, and I left some room on each one for missing songs.). In my last installment, we had three playlists taking us up through the end of April. Let's continue our journey through the year...

Part Four of the playlist picks up with the spring leg of the Out Alive Tour, which saw Kris return to the east coast. It begins April 26, in Rockland, ME, finishes the leg, and then ends with some one-off gigs in May, June and July. As I was compiling this and reviewing videos, I realized that I would love to see Kris in an outdoor venue. (Actually, I have, in August 2010, but I would love to see him that way again.) This part includes the premiere of his awesome original song All We Need Is This Love (hoping that makes his album!) as well as some great covers of She Thinks I Still Care (George Jones) and Mirrors (Justin Timberlake). Memorable shows included Burlington, New York City, Hanover (MD) and Bay City (MI). Also don't miss the videos of him at a charity gig in New York for Give an Hour and with Idol contestant Shubha Vedula in Mount Pleasant, MI singing Live Like We're Dying.

And whew, Part Five! Part five takes us through the second half of the year, from his one-off in August at Hershey Park through his recent Christmas online concert. As you probably know, Kris' son Oliver was born in late July, and naturally his time on the road was limited. Still he gave us quite a few live highlights, including a reborn version of Rooftops with a new intro and a mashup with Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines. The best shows in this bunch included Hershey #2, the Live on the Levee show which turned into a mall show thanks to a scary West Virginia severe thunderstorm, and an AMAZING college crowd at Brigham Young Idaho in Rexburg. Kris ended the year with an awesome holiday show including a new, untitled, holiday song which I love.

Also, I promised you some stats. I did lists and/or posts for 82 different events. You can find the complete spreadsheet of  all songs Kris sang in 2013 here. The only song not performed (:() from Thank You Camellia was Turn the Pages. Only four songs were performed from KATA: Live Like We're Dying, Alright With Me, Red Guitar and Before We Come Undone. Kris also did a few from Brand New Shoes in a most welcome development; I hope he'll continue to perform them live! By my count, he did 65 separate covers (some a number of times) including the Christmas songs. (Please correct me if needed on any of these stats.)

In summary, 2013 was a busy year for Kris and his fans, which we will end with one more show and one more list on New Year's Eve! I'll also give you a final stats post with the stats from that added in. Thank you for all your wonderful feedback this past year and for all your great live tweets and media! Let's do it again tomorrow!