Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Concert: May 1, 2013: Rockwood Music Hall, New York City

Rockwood Music Hall
New York City
May 1, 2013

Jillette Johnson opening

Two Shows! 
7 pm EDT - ALL AGES 
8:45 pm EDT - 21+ Only

Show and List Preview:

The Out Alive Tour stops in New York City's Rockwood Music Hall tonight for two shows! The first is for all ages and the second is for the grown-ups. How did New York get so lucky as to get two shows, when one at the Highline Ballroom was originally scheduled? Well the not-so-secret reason is that Kenny Chesney has an album premiere party for Sirius XM contest winners tonight at the Highline Ballroom and it was made worthwhile for Kris to move venues. Win/win! Hopefully, Kenny will make it to the second show to check out the guy who was nice enough to move for him. (Disclaimer: I'm a huge Kenny fan and have tried to get his online radio station, No Shoes Radio, to play some of Kris' music, because songs like Alright With Me, Leave Me Alone and Teach Me How Love Goes would be a good fit.)

One list for both shows. You'll find, like the last time we had two shows in New York, many people are going to both. We might have a professional concert photographer potentially coming and a whole bunch of regular Kris list tweeters have traveled to New York. So I anticipate a good list with a lot of goodies for you!

Update: Unfortunately, my professional concert photographer friend did not receive a press pass. :( That was the only hitch, though. Great list and videos, and an awesome new song, All We Need is This Love!

Set lists and media after the jump

Set List/Video Post for 7 pm Show



Full Band - Plugged In (Photos by @heartsandroses9 and @misslexire)

Set List:
  1. Out Alive
  2. Better With You
  3. Alright With Me
  4. The Vision of Love
  5. Before We Come Undone
  6. Faith/We Are Young/Some Nights (Cover - George Michael/fun. mash-up)
  7. Paul Simon
  8. Leave You Alone
  9. In Your Eyes (Cover - Peter Gabriel)
  10. Monster
  11. Unique
  12. My Weakness
  13. Live Like We’re Dying
Note: Rooftops is pictured, but was cut for time reasons.

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Set List/Video Post for 8:45 pm Show (new song is here)



Full Band - Plugged In (Photos by @Ang_716 and Maureen Van Zandt (@MVZaGoGo))

Set List:
  1. All We Need is This Love - PREMIERE
  2. Better With You
  3. Alright With Me
  4. The Vision of Love
  5. Out Alive
  6. Teach Me How Love Goes
  7. Paul Simon/Empire State of Mind (snippet) (Original/Cover - Jay-Z and Alicia Keys)
  8. Mirrors (Cover - Justin Timberlake)
  9. Monster/Hit the Road Jack (Original/Cover - Ray Charles mash-up) [YouTube]
  10. Rooftops [YouTube]
  11. Live Like We’re Dying
  12. Falling Slowly/Heartless/Ain’t No Sunshine (Cover - Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova/Kanye West/Bill Withers mash-up)
  13. Why Don't We Do It in the Road/Shut That Door (Cover - The Beatles/Original mash-up) - PREMIERE of mash-up
*Although pictured, Kris did not perform My Weakness.

Opening Act: Jillette Johnson
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