Friday, September 28, 2012

Some Exciting News & a Few Notes on the Lists

Starting with the next list (tomorrow!), we're going to (hopefully) embed our twitter lists here! My hope is that this will be a fun way for Kris fans to gather and comment while a show is ongoing. Also, sometimes I am just busy with real life, and so this gives me a way to put the list out there when I can't tweet the link from my Twitter account.

A few notes:

  • Lists will only be active for about 24 hours before a show and for a few days afterwards (to be able to see pictures, videos, etc.)
  • Have fun but please be respectful of everyone on the list!
  • If you are on a list and don't want to be, just send a tweet to @KrisAllenLists & we'll take you off.
  • On the other hand, I can't search 24/7, so if I missed adding someone, feel free to tweet that to me too! It's easiest to add them if you just tell me their twitter name, but a status link is ok too.
  • Everyone who helps with the lists is greatly, greatly appreciated!