Sunday, March 3, 2013

Catching Up on Kris Allen Out Alive Tour Media

Ahhh and now we have a break! After so many wonderful Kris Allen Out Alive Tour shows, now it's time to catch up on all that great media - pictures, videos and what not!

To help you out, and to help guide new fans Kris made, I thought I'd share where I like to go to find Kris stuff and fun:

Kris Allen Media (no twitter) - This is the place to find the BEST mp3s, plus a recap of every show with video and picture links. You will need an account with Live Journal (you can use your Twitter or Facebook account) in order to access the mp3s.

By the way, other smart Twitter accounts to follow if you enjoy Kris live mp3s: @dawnmyst, @summerdaze_ and @p_eleph

Kris Allen Setlists (no twitter) - This is a page I keep up - it's meant to be an archive for every show of what Kris sang. In the past year, I've started adding links to the best YouTube channels with videos of a show.

Little Pawns (@LittlePawns) - This is Kris' official street team and is a great resource for his calendar of events! (Better than his Facebook page, to be honest.) Plus it is worth signing up with them just for the weekly emailed "Pawncast" - a great way to recap the past week of Kris and see what's ahead for the next week. Also be sure to follow the Twitter account of the regional street team that covers where you live:
@RedPawns: CA, OR, WA
@BluePawns: TX, and all mountain time zone states
@GreenPawns: The midwest from the Dakotas through Arkansas
@YellowPawns: Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and the south
@PurplePawns: The mid-atlantic and northeast
@GrayPawns: All other countries

The Dirty Minds (@TheDirtyMinds) - This is the "official unofficial group of super fans" and many of our great list tweets came from their membership! Obviously, they specialize in the hotness that is Kris. This March, they are doing a fun thing called the #30DaysofKrisAllen and will tweet a different topic each day - post your response and that hashtag to participate!

Fourteen Plums (@FourteenPlums) - This is a great blog with all kinds of Kris media - not updated as quickly, which means they have time to add the stuff that pops up later! (Believe it or not, not every Kris fan uploads a video as soon as they get home from the show! coughAspencough) And they are great on Twitter for spreading the word of all things Kris.

Kris Allen Addicts (@KAAddicts) - Another great blog/fansite for Kris that also keeps you updated on his news and media!

As for me for this small break - I'm going to work on the video playlists I keep on KAL's YouTube Channel to update them for this past tour leg. Rather than wait for me, I suggest you check out @snapcracklypop's playlist of all the covers Kris did!