Friday, February 24, 2017

Introducing ... The Dames!

Kris, Cale and Torres, along with their friend Jordan Wright, have begun a fun new side project they are calling The Dames. On Thursday, February 23, the Dames debuted their original music, along with two fantastic classic rock covers, in a StageIt show and chat. During the chat, Cale mentioned that they are working on getting the music available for sale. The guys were much cagier when asked why they are calling themselves the Dames, saying "That's classified."

After hearing the new songs, I'd describe The Dames' music as 70s California rock meets Zac Brown Band and Dawes, with a tinge of The Traveling Wilburys and The New Basement Tapes. A lot of people in the chat room heard The Eagles as an influence. So basically adult alternative/classic rock/touch of the tropics and a bit of country music, i.e., the music I love to listen to the most! I love this new direction for the guys and they seemed happy with it too. While Kris does sing some lead, the other three guys do as well. The harmonies among the four are fantastic.

So glad they have shared this new music. To keep up with The Dames, check out their website and follow their Instagram.

Here's the list of songs they performed on Stage It and my take on them. (For the originals, this is my best guess at what they are calling it).

Set List, StageIt, February 23, 2017:

  1. Death of Mr. Jones - PREMIERE This is the song you hear on the band's website (linked below) and Kris' IG. To me it sounds like Dawes meets Cher singing Dark Lady. I liked the acoustic harmonies in the StageIt. Kris takes the lead vocal on this one.
  2. Blue Bloods - PREMIERE Some interesting harmonies on this song. Torres is lead singer on this.
  3. Against the Wind (cover - Bob Seger) - PREMIERE Pretty straightforward cover of this classic rock song, with Jordan singing lead.
  4. Don't Mess Around with Me  - PREMIERE If you don't know what Dawes sounds like, now you do. If Kris was their lead singer. (Check out Dawes too by the way, they are a favorite band of mine and of Cale's, so unsurprisingly, this was my favorite song of the Dames.)
  5. All That I Want is You  - PREMIERE Torres sings lead on this very pretty ballad with beautiful harmonies
  6. Alright With You  - PREMIERE This is a fun song, very Traveling Wilburys meet Zac Brown Band, with Cale singing lead.
  7. Hungry Heart (cover - Bruce Springsteen)  - PREMIERE Loved this. They brought a Hawaiian flair to it! Kris singing lead.

You can watch the show here:

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