Thursday, March 30, 2017

Getaway Tour: April 2, 2017: Dallas, TX

Concert with Parachute
April 2, 2017
Dallas, TX
Doors 7 pm CDT; Show 8 p CDT
All ages

Kris begins a month-long acoustic tour with his good friends in the pop rock band Parachute today. We don't know much about Kris' set, but Parachute, who is fantastic about fan service, is letting their fans vote on their set list. I have heard that Kris will only have one, possibly two band members in tow and he is sharing a bus with Parachute. The venues are smaller than either act filled last tour (apparently they are favorite venues of Parachute's). So expect a smaller, lower-key experience, but I am hoping for some great collaborations as Kris' poppier stuff is very similar to what Parachute does.

The tour begins Sunday, April 2, in Dallas, Texas. Information for this specific show can be found after the break!
Updated 4/4/2017: From tweets and IG posts, seems as though the casual fans in attendance enjoyed. We do have some partial set list information and some IG videos.

Pre-Show/Event Press and Publicity:
The Ticket: Please email a photo of your ticket to or tweet to @KrisAllenLists. I will remove bar code and personal info before posting. Thanks!

Merch, Signage and Soundcheck:
Set List (Partial; please email or tweet me if you have information):
  1. Faster Shoes [Instagram]
  2. Monster/Hit the Road Jack (Original/Ray Charles mashup) [Instagram] | [Instagram]
  3. Live Like We're Dying [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [Instagram]
In other shows, this has been the full set list:
  1. Faster Shoes  
  2. Time Will Come  
  3. Chained to the Rhythm (Cover - Katy Perry)  
  4. Monster/Hit the Road Jack (Original/Cover-Ray Charles mashup)
  5. In Time 
  6. Paul Simon 
  7. Live Like We're Dying 
  8. End of the Show
Parachute's set list as voted by their fans (solid choices; I voted for many of these!):
Photo by Parachute. If only Kris would post pics of his set lists. I know, dream on.
STBI = Something to Believe In [Instagram]

The Show: Kris plus Andrew St. Marie, Acoustic
Photo by misselizabeth97 on IG
Photo by Tattyr111 on IG

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