Thursday, June 22, 2017

CANCELED: Concert: Musicians Corner, June 23, 2017, Nashville, TN

Acoustic Friday Night
Musicians Corner
June 23, 2017
Centennial Park
Nashville, TN
Canceled due to bad weather

Kris is joining some other artists for a live acoustic concert in Nashville this Friday night. Hopefully Tropical Storm Cindy's remnants won't soak everyone! It sounds fun, as Kris is bringing his friend Melinda Doolittle and others to join him for some special songs they've worked up for his set. Sounds like it could be full band too (based on the people he tagged in his IG post). Stay dry Nashville!

(Admin note: Sorry I've been so silent! A real-life work project and some personal traveling has kept me pretty busy.)

Update: Show has been canceled due to weather (Tropical Storm Cindy's remnants). Kris plans to attend a concert the next day in the same location (but he won't be performing).

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