Thursday, December 27, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Fall 2012 Videos!

Every Thursday we take a look back at a video of Kris Allen and remember the good times!

This Thursday is a special holiday edition. For Christmas, I gave y'all a playlist of all Kris shows from January - August of 2012! He did so many shows this year, we needed two lists to cover them all! So for today's Throwback Thursday, we'll go back only a few months to one of my favorite performances from this Fall and I will give you a link to part 2 of my Christmas gift: A playlist of all Kris shows from September through November of 2012!

For my favorite performance from this Fall, I have to go with one from the show I actually saw in person! (Washington, DC, The Hamilton, 10/28/12) It's hard to pick just one song though, as it was a great night from start to finish. I found this video by HannaB20 showing the last two songs of the night, including the crowd getting up on stage and dancing! Kind of shows what a Kris show is all about so think it's a great pick to represent 2012.

Looking forward to all the lists for the #OutAliveTour coming in 2013! Get your tickets now and let me know on Twitter @KrisAllenLists what show you are going to!