Thursday, January 3, 2013

Throwback Thursday: April 10, 2010, Las Vegas

Every Thursday we take a look back at an amazing Kris video.

This week was a tough one to pick. Usually I just go back in time to the same date, but there wasn't much to choose from this week. On top of that, we almost lost Kris, his wife Katy (and their unborn baby and Zorro) in a head-on collision a few days ago. Luckily and thankfully, they emerged from the crash with only a wrist injury to Kris and some bumps and bruises. He says the Out Alive tour will begin as scheduled in Killington, Vermont on January 8 and his manager has tweeted that the tour is on.

With surgery on Kris' broken right wrist scheduled for tomorrow, please keep a good thought for him that all goes smoothly. I'll definitely keep the Kralendar (at the bottom of the blog and linked on my Twitter) updated with any cancellations or reschedulings, and if the tour begins as scheduled, we'll have a list almost every night for the next two months!

So as I said, it was hard to choose a video given what has gone on this week. I had a couple of candidates, and unfortunately, he hasn't done Fighters (my first choice) live yet. So I chose this video with the idea that Kris and family had an angel watching over them that night. It's a gorgeous video by cspannie of Send Me All Your Angels, a bonus track off KATA, shot at the annual Pet-a-Palooza in Las Vegas on April 10, 2010.

May Kris and all of you continue to have angels looking out for you -KAL