Thursday, January 17, 2013

List: January 17, 2013: The Altamont, Asheville, NC

The Altamont Theatre
Asheville, NC
January 17, 2013
8 7:30 pm EST

Opening Act: Jillette Johnson

The Out Alive tour moves into the Tarheel state starting today. You may notice a difference, as we will be moving from one of our biggest, most enthusiastic lists (and crowds) in Vienna, VA to a much smaller list in Asheville, NC. Hopefully, our lack of people on the list is just due to the fact that the rest of the audience is not on Twitter (and only one of the people on his Facebook page for this event was found on Twitter, so maybe so).

Another complicating factor? There's a winter storm warning there for tonight. Asheville is forecasted to get six inches of snow. As of this writing at 10 am on the day of the show, the show is still on, and we will have to see if Asheville can handle its snow like a northern or a southern town. (For the record, I'm from the DC area and six inches of snow is a scary thing to me.)

So it will be an interesting list to watch although maybe not for the best reasons. Update: As of 6:40 no snow yet in Asheville, although it is still forecast. Temperatures are near freezing and it is raining according to the weather twitters that I've added to the list. To work around all this, the venue has moved the start time of the show back to 7:30 EST.

Updated: Set List: The Altamont, Asheville, NC, January 17, 2013