Wednesday, January 9, 2013

List: January 9, 2013: Brighton Music Hall, Allston, MA

Brighton Music Hall
Allston, MA (Boston)
7 pm EST 

Rachel Taylor, My Silent Bravery and Jillette Johnson opening

Tonight Kris plays his second stop of the Out Alive Tour in Allston, Massachusetts (just outside Boston). As we saw from pictures of last night that were tweeted by our list, his hand is swollen and he needs a better sling, but you have to admire his bravery and dedication in putting on the show at all!

Tonight's list is the biggest one I've got for the January shows (although the other east coast shows are up there and may top it closer to show time). Very good group of tweeters! And starting with yesterday's show, people are hanging out together following the live tweets from the lists in the chat room at! Last night was a very lively chat, so hope for more tonight!

Set List for January 9, 2013, Brighton Music Hall, Allston, MA