Tuesday, January 8, 2013

List: January 8, 2013: Pickle Barrel Nightclub, Killington, VT

Pickle Barrel Night Club
Killington, VT
9:15 pm EST

(Jillette Johnson opening)

(ssh, Don't tell them Kris won Season 8, not Season 6.)

The Out Alive tour begins tonight in Killington, Vermont at the Pickle Barrel Night Club! Read about Killington in the Little Pawns Tour Guide. Show time is 9:15 pm Eastern! (See the Time Zone Converter on the right side of the blog to find what time it will be where you live.)

We do have some good tweeters going! And starting with this list, we've got some new things we're doing. First, during the show, Kris fans watching the list can gather to chat about the live tweets, pics and all things Kris in Little Pawns' chat room. Open a separate tab or window in your browser, then go to http://littlepawns.com/ and click on the "Main Room" box in the bottom right hand corner to access the chat room. I'll try to stop by most nights!

Second, after the lists are over, as you know, I usually take them down. Starting with this post, when I take it down, I'll replace it with a link to the set list blog we keep - giving you another way to easily access information about the show.So it's going to be a great tour - can't wait to share the good times and tweets!

Killington, VT Set List