Monday, January 7, 2013

Twitter List FAQ (Updated 10/15/2014)

Thought I'd put up a quick FAQ post to give a few administrative and housekeeping notes and answer any questions people have about the twitter lists. (Updated FAQ 7/16/2014)

What are Kris Allen Lists?
Twitter lists set up to follow live tweets from Kris Allen's events and shows! People follow them to flail vicariously, track his set list and/or see the pictures that get tweeted. It's a great way to meet and connect with other Kris fans.

How do people get on the lists?
Well, ideally, you tell me to put you on one when I ask via twitter who's going to the show! But if you don't, since Twitter is public domain, if I spot you tweeting about going to the Kris show, that earns you a spot!

What if I don't want to be on the list?
Boo, that's no fun! But I will always honor a request to be taken off a list, just tweet it to me.

I'm locked, what does that mean for me listwise?
If you have a locked Twitter account, only those you have approved to follow you will see your tweets on the list. It also means if you tweet me, I won't be able to see your tweet unless I'm following you.

OMG I feel pressure to tweet great things!
RELAX. The best tweets are the ones who are just tweeting normally as they always do and enjoying the show. I definitely appreciate set list tweets, though, as we maintain a chart of the set lists. And if someone can give a fashion report on what they're wearing, that's always welcomed!

How do you make the lists available?
About 48-36 hours before the show (or the morning of the show), I'll unlock the list and tweet the link. I'll also embed it on a blog post over here and tweet that link as well. About 48 hours after the show, I'll delete the list.

Why don't the lists work on my phone?
When I list watch, I generally prefer just to do it on the computer. It works better. But it can be doable on the phone, depending on some variables.

If your phone is not a smart phone, the lists won't work on your phone. Sorry but that's Twitter's fault. Twitter wants you to use a smart phone. Without a smart phone, I'd just watch the list over here.

If you do have a smart phone, you will need to use an app (I like Echofon but others prefer TweetDeck) to make them work well. Some people like the Twitter app; others have trouble following lists using it. Whatever app you use, navigate to my profile page on twitter, then choose lists and subscribe to the list of your choice in order to access it in list format.

Why are lists hinky sometimes?
Twitter has a bug with twitter lists that sometimes causes the past few weeks of tweets to appear when someone new is added to a list. This is why I try to compile the list far in advance of the show. There's nothing you can do about it. Many have reported it to Twitter and Twitter refuses to fix it. You just have to wait for the list to refresh itself after a few newer tweets push the old one down.  It's a good idea to refresh the page with the Twitter list occasionally. That way if we've added someone after you opened the page, you'll see their tweets too. (Update: Twitter fixed the bug! Praise Kresus!)

Do you really watch live tweets from every Kris show?
I do! But I do have a real life and sometimes I have other things to do. In that case, I have a friend who will do the list watching thing if she's available. And if not, well we'll post the list and that's that!

That's all the questions I usually hear, but if you have one I didn't cover, please hit me up on Twitter @KrisAllenLists or in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer!