Thursday, November 14, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Stuck in a Moment, L.A. Grove, November 17, 2010

Every Thursday we take a look back at Kris Allen's career via video.

This week, and really the past few weeks, I admit I have hit a little stumbling block creativity-wise. I've been kind of stuck.

Coincidentally, I happened to go to a David Cook concert this past Monday. He's always good, and I really enjoyed the energy and love his fans showed him. I firmly believe that musical acts really want that kind of energy from their audiences, especially those acts in the pop-rock genre. The vibe of the crowd and the night was fun and lively and I came away feeling energized about live music.

We could use a little of that energy in our particular fandom, and it was great to see news of two shows leak out - February 8 in Watseka, IL and February 14 in Natick, MA (near Boston). I think many Kris fans are starved for live shows, even though truthfully, it hasn't been that long since he toured and he does need the time to work on new music. But new shows are soon to come and the two we know of are now listed on the Kralendar on the bottom of this page. Let me know on Twitter (@KrisAllenLists) if you are going so I can add you to the lists!

For our throwback Thursday entry this week - I was similarly stuck again for an idea. Than I stumbled on this pretty video by jeck s of Kris singing U2's Stuck in a Moment at a 2010 appearance at the L.A. mall called the Grove. This has always been one of my favorite covers by him and it's a song with lyrics that call for one to get oneself together and get out of one's rut.

My hopes? That our fandom can rejuvenate during this downtime and bring a renewed energy towards promoting and attending the upcoming shows! For my part, I have got some ideas for this blog that I am looking forward to putting forth in the new year to come. Let's get unstuck!