Thursday, May 29, 2014

Throwback Thursday: May 29, 2010: Saline Summer Daze, Benton, AR

Every Thursday we take a look back at Kris Allen's career via video.

Today, I was feeling a little down about doing this post. There were plenty of things to throwback to - apparently May 29 is usually a busy day for Kris - but nothing really jumped out at me, because I am not feeling nostalgic; I'm feeling anxious. That's when it hit me that I really hate the down time when the album is in the final preparation stage, there's nothing (yet) to promote, and the tour dates are not finalized and not able to be revealed. And on top of it, most of the few live dates we do know about are college shows, which have their role and are great, but aren't something the majority of Kris fans can attend. Every day while doing searches for the list, I see the tweets of Kris fans hungry for news, real concert dates, anything they can listen to, look at and enjoy! (Except snake photographs.) Like you, I am ready to bring back a busy schedule of Kris music, concerts and live tweet lists!

So when I saw that the live debut of the song Bring It Back from KATA happened on this day back in 2010, well, the choice for today's post became obvious.

Bring it back, indeed, Kris. We're more than ready.