Thursday, July 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Kris Allen and Andy Grammer

Every Thursday we take a look back at Kris' career via video.

As most Kris fans probably know, the first show of the summer for us is tomorrow in Anaheim, CA, as Kris opens for Andy Grammer, and they have a second show together on Saturday in San Diego. Get your tickets now!

Photo courtesy of @summerdaze_

But this is not Kris' first interaction with Andy Grammer; in fact, the two have performed in a few shows together and share quite a few fans. So a retrospective seemed in order for this week's #TBT post.

Many Kris fans, including me, first heard of Andy Grammer when we spent October 2010 desperately spamming useless radio station polls in an effort to get Alright With Me played. I can't remember which station it was, but one of them put Alright With Me head to head in a poll with Andy's eventual big hit, Keep Your Head Up. Alright With Me won but it was a very narrow victory and I recall those of us who clicked on Andy's clip liked it a lot.

A few weeks later, Kris and Andy met for the first time while doing a radio station's 2010 Christmas show together in Portland, OR (along with season 9 winner, Lee DeWyze). Here's a picture of their meeting from Andy's Facebook:

Kris fan @mylifeback remembers that both guys were entertaining and fun in the show. Here's KrisTogether's thread for the show (thanks @ISBinLA!) Andy posted this nice comment on Facebook.

Here's a video of Alright With Me taken by @elemental1025 from that show:

Flash forward a few more months into 2011, and Keep Your Head Up had become a big hit! My friend @subeeDC won a radio station contest to meet Andy at a lunchtime concert/meet and greet event, and took me. It was a lot of fun and we did ask Andy about meeting Kris (and @mylifeback) - he was very effusive in his praise of Kris and how much he had enjoyed doing that Portland concert. Here's a video of Andy from that event.

The following year, Kris and Andy met up again when they performed at a Buffalo radio station's Starry Night in the Garden summer concert. Sadly the station has taken down its video of that show, but @altrus01 has some excellent videos of both Kris and Andy on her YouTube channel.

No duets or collabs from Kris and Andy yet, but hopefully they will collaborate in the future! Meanwhile, let's look forward to the shows this week! The Anaheim list and post will be available later tonight. Be sure to let me know (@KrisAllenLists on Twitter) to add you to the lists if I haven't done so!