Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Concert: December 18, 2014: Baby It Ain't Christmas Without a StageIt Show

Annual StageIt Christmas Concert

December 18, 2014

8:00 PM Eastern

In what has become a highly anticipated annual holiday tradition, Kris Allen brings us his Christmas StageIt show. For those who haven't used StageIt before, it's an online platform for artists to perform via a livestream to their fans. You do need to buy a ticket-however, as of two hours before the show, they are sold out (for the third time).

Here's the link to the show just in case more tickets are released:

Updated: Did you miss the show or not read your email like I advised? Don't despair! Tons of videos, set list and mp3s after the break!

The Show:
Photo by @ang_XoXo17

Screencap by @kristen8108 with bonus creepy elf

Screencap by @p_eleph

Set List:

Ace note-taking by KAL

  1. Christmas Song (cover - Nat King Cole) [video] | [video] | [mp3]
  2. Holly Jolly Christmas (cover - Burl Ives)  [video] | [video] | [mp3]
  3. I'll Be Home for Christmas (cover - Bing Crosby) [video] | [video] | [mp3]
  4. Jingle Bells (Traditional Carol)  [video] | [video] | [mp3]
  5. Oh Holy Night (Traditional Carol)  [video] | [video] | [mp3]
  6. Silent Night (Traditional Carol)  [video] | [video] | [mp3] | [mp3] - LIVE PREMIERE
  7. Baby It Ain't Christmas Without You [video] | [video] | [mp3]
  8. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (cover - Judy Garland) [video] | [video] | [mp3]
Also: Banter videos [opening] | [cheers to christmas] | [Andrew keeps moving]

YouTube Full Show Playlists: Here and Here
Mp3 Folder: Here

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