Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Writer's Round: June 4, 2015: Bluebird Cafe, Nashville, TN

Photo via The Bluebird Cafe
The Music: In the Row with
Madeleine Slate, Kris Allen,
Michael Logen and Gabe Dixon

June 4, 2015

The Bluebird Cafe

Nashville, TN

Doors 5 pm CST
Show 6 pm CST

(Note: Advance seats sold out;
Limited seats available day of show)

Show and List Preview:
If you've ever watched an episode of ABC's Nashville, you've seen the Bluebird Cafe. It's the bar that some of the characters work at and frequently showcase their musical talents at. So tonight, Kris Allen and others will do their best Gunnar, Deacon, Avery and Scarlett (well, scratch that last one, you know they will be more interesting than Scarlett). He did one of these earlier this year and it was a successful night!

The list is pretty small as the venue is small and sold out quickly. Limited seats are available for those who show up early on the day of the show (click here to find out more). Hope to add some people last minute. Be aware that the audience is strictly prohibited from taking videos.

Update: A Kris fan got there early for the day of seats, and was still turned away, so the show definitely sold out and was a success!

Updated with set list and instavideo after the break...

Pre-Show/Event Press and Publicity:
  • None really besides the venue's posting

Merch, Signage and Other Fun Stuff:

The Show:

Photo by rsp810 via IG


The List:
Click here to view the live tweet list from the show on the web or view it embedded below. (If viewing on a phone, list may not work. In that case, use an app such as Echofon or Twitter's - then navigate to @KrisAllenLists twitter profile, select the list and subscribe with your app.)

Set List (Thank you @jmatt17):

  1. Beautiful and Wild
  2. Prove It to You
  3. Loves Me Not (with Madeleine Slate)
  4. Monster
  5. In Time [Instagram]
  6. Live Like We're Dying

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