Thursday, March 17, 2016

Letting You In is Here!

Photo via Team Kris

Updated Friday 3/18, 2:30 PM EDT:

It is Friday, March 18 - the day that Kris Allen's new album Letting You In is released!

I'm sure you pre-ordered and have awoken to a nice iTunes or Amazon download - but if you didn't - no worries!

I'll be updating this post over the next few days with all the release day news and fun - but to get you started, here's some links you can use to get Letting You In!

iTunes | Google Play | Amazon | Best Buy | Spotify

AOL Build:

Photo via @AOLBUILD

Kris will be doing an event (I'm told it's like an interview) at AOL for the AOL Build program at 3 PM eastern time on Friday, March 18. This will be livestreamed at Tickets were sold out in advance. I'm not planning to do a list, but will RT items on Twitter and post the best stuff on this post. A few fans are there in the live audience and I'll post their goodies here too!
Screencap by @SnapCracklyPop

Photo by @joanieL57

Photo by @Ang_XoXo17

Twitter Video of entrance by @heartsandroses9 

It's doing great! Check it out!

 #1 US Alternative!
Screencap by @SnapCracklyPop

#1 in the Philippines! 
Kris Allen fans in the Philippines report that the album is already #1 overall in that country! Here's a screencap:
Screencap by @krisjonin
#1 Amazon Singer-Songwriter Chart:
Screencap by @KrisAllenUnites
 More Release Week Promo:
Photo via @KrisAllen - interview with ABC News Radio
People Magazine article! (Photo by @ivegotthisK)
Baby-oriented article with album mention here
Visit to Paste Magazine! (Photo via kris_allen on IG)
Visit to MLB Network! (photo via kris_allen on IG)

Good Reviews! (Of course!)
Good reviews are already coming in! Team Kris has compiled them in this post.