Thursday, January 12, 2017

Concert: January 14, 2017: Las Vegas, NV

January 14, 2017
Suncoast Casino
Las Vegas, NV
8:30 PM PST
(Photo of local billboard by @livehead16)

Kris plays a Saturday night one-off in a Las Vegas casino. Am interested to see if this will be full band or not. The venue has been tweeting a lot about it.

Updated 4/3/2017: Kris fans came through with two streams and a lot of video! Bodes well for the Getaway Tour. It was full band and the line up and set list were basically the same as the Letting You In tour. The few change-ups included an acoustic Waves solo and the return of the EWTRTW/TWYMMF mash-up (see inside for what that stands for). After seeing the media from this show, I'm sad that the Getaway Tour will not be full-band. Don't miss In Time for beautiful harmonies.

Pre-Show/Event Press and Publicity:
Screencap by KAL

The Ticket: 
Thank you @krismicklin!
Merch, Signage and Soundcheck:

Photo by @Krismicklin

Photo by @garfield02 on IG
Set List (Thank you IG user garfield02, @christig428 and @livehead16):
  1. Love Will Find You [Instagram] | [UStream through LLWD] | [YouTube
  2. Better With You [YouTube]
  3. Faster Shoes [Instagram] | [YouTube]
  4. If We Keep Doing Nothing [Instagram] | [YouTube]
  5. Alright With Me [YouTube]
  6. Everybody Wants to Rule the World/The Way You Make Me Feel (Mash-up Cover Tears for Fears/Michael Jackson) [Instagram] | [Periscope through EJWTD] | [YouTube]
  7. Feeling This Way [YouTube]
  8. Waves [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [YouTube]
  9. In Time [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [YouTube]
  10. Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Cover - Cyndi Lauper) [Instagram - left side] [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [YouTube]
  11. Time Will Come [Instagram] | [Instagram and smh, good for you Kris] [Instagram] | [YouTube]
  12. Paul Simon [YouTube] | [YouTube]
  13. Prove It to You [YouTube]
  14. Monster [Instagram] | [YouTube]
  15. Everybody Just Wants to Dance [YouTube]
  16. Live Like We're Dying [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [YouTube]
  17. ENCORE: Ain't No Sunshine (Cover - Bill Withers) [Ustream through end] | [Periscope through end] | [Instagram - left side] | [YouTube] | [YouTube]
  18. Lost (Fast) [YouTube] | [YouTube]
  19. End of the Show [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [YouTube]

Video Highlights: I thought Waves and In Time stood out, so here they are!

The Show: Full Band 

Photo by @garfield02 on IG
Photo by @ohphotosnaps on IG

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