Thursday, January 5, 2017

KAL Plans for Covering Shows and Events in 2017

Happy New Year everyone! This post is to tell you about my plans for covering Kris Allen shows, concerts and events for 2017.

The big news?  I've decided to forgo making live tweet lists this year.

No worries, there will still be lots of live Kris event coverage. So why I am abandoning the twitter lists (which were the original reason this site even existed)? The twitter lists just didn't really add anything except extra work for me, people never told me to add them to the lists when I asked, very few people subscribed to them, and I think they negatively affected my show post view counts. When something isn't working for you anymore, you have to move on. I used the Comfort and Joy tour posts as a test for ditching the Twitter lists, and as you saw, we didn't miss a thing not having the lists.

We still have set lists (2017 set lists compiled will be here), video playlists, Spotify playlists (coming soon!), master song lists, etc., so no name change needed now - and the focus will remain Kris Allen live! I look forward to covering the one-offs (starting with a military concert tomorrow) and the Getaway tour with Parachute. There will still be posts for each event and show, and I'll continue to keep (as best I can) setlist information. I am hoping you guys will help by continuing to post the good stuff on IG and Twitter as you go to shows (and Facebook if you must). Thanks for reading and following, and let's have a great 2017!