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Getaway Tour: April 23, 2017: Charlottesville, VA

106.1 the Corner Presents
Concert with Parachute
April 23, 2017
The Jefferson Theater
Charlottesville, VA
8:00 PM

Kris is on a month-long acoustic tour with his good friends in the pop rock band Parachute. Parachute, who is fantastic about fan service, is letting their fans vote on their set list. Kris has keyboardist Andrew St. Marie in tow and he is sharing a bus with Parachute. The venues are smaller than either act filled last tour (apparently they are favorite venues of Parachute's), and so far the crowds have been lively and showing up early to line up. I've got Kris' expected set list in the post; Will post what I can find for Parachute's set list after the show (since it's changing each time).

The tour continues Sunday night in Charlottesville, VA at a historic venue on the lovely Downtown Mall. I notice the show is sponsored by an excellent local radio station, 106.1 the Corner, who did a fantastic interview with Kris the last time he played C-ville and they told me that they are trying to do an interview related to this show on this Sunday afternoon around 4 pm. Plus Charlottesville is Parachute's hometown, so hoping that the crowd will be extra into this show.

This is the show I'm going to! So for once I will not need set list help. ;P I'm bringing one of my best friends who is not in Kris fandom; curious what she will think. She's into EDM and punk and this will be her first WGWG concert. Have to say she did seem a little reassured about what she's gotten into after she watched a Facebook video of Will from Parachute crowd-surfing. ;P We always have a blast when we go out anyway. (She says she'll help with typical show-sharing duties since acoustic WGWGs don't lend themselves to pogoing.) Plus it's a girlfriend getaway to one of our favorite towns, so we are really looking forward to this! From my years living here, April is definitely the time to visit Charlottesville! Of course, with Kris' visiting, the deluge of rain is forecasted - hoping it won't slow us down too much!

So yes, the excitement is real. Information for this specific show can be found after the break!

Updated 4/28/2017: Finally recovered enough from what was a really fun show to update the post! Full video stream link for Kris' set, set lists for both acts and some IG videos inside, plus my review. Updated 4/28 to add the interview/songs Kris performed for 106.1 the Corner!

Pre-Show/Event Press and Publicity:
The Ticket: 
Photo by KAL

Merch, Signage and Soundcheck:

Crazy-long merch line swarms Kris after the show
Line about two hours before doors opened!
Kris' Set List (Confirmed):
  1. Faster Shoes  [Periscope of full show starts here]
  2. Time Will Come 
  3. Chained to the Rhythm (Cover - Katy Perry)  
  4. Monster/Hit the Road Jack (Original/Cover-Ray Charles mashup)
  5. In Time  [Instagram]
  6. Paul Simon 
  7. Live Like We're Dying [YouTube]
  8. End of the Show [Instagram]
Parachute's Set List (My notes):

My review: One of the most fun shows I've ever seen Kris do. He was loose and funny and in great voice as always. My friend is not into this genre and didn't know the music, but she was impressed by how well Kris performed and how much the crowd (which was fantastic) responded. One critique she had for both acts (and I agree) is that their set lists are too short. She thinks Kris should be headlining as well, which as a fan, I appreciate, and she thinks he might be a little overly self-deprecating - while we as fans know that's how he is, it was interesting to see what someone totally new to the musician and experience thought. Anyway, great show and that rush to get his merch at the end was amazing. Didn't get a chance to say hi, but that's OK - he had many new fans to attend to!

As for Parachute, I've been a casual fan since the beginning but wow now I'm just a fan. What a fantastic, high energy, live act. We danced like mad to their set! I was pleased at all of the choices Charlottesville made for their set (hey I got 9/10 of my choices!) I love the concept of being able to vote on an act's set list.

The venue was fantastic and we are going to keep an eye out for future shows of interest at it. Highly recommend seeing a show in Charlottesville if you are doing a musical road trip.

The Show: 
Photo by Tristan Williams for the Jefferson Theater
Photo by @modkath
Photo by @modkath

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