Monday, April 24, 2017

Getaway Tour: April 27, 2017: Nashville, TN

Concert with Parachute
April 27, 2017
Nashville, TN
8:30 PM CDT

Kris is on a month-long acoustic tour with his good friends in the pop rock band Parachute. Parachute, who is fantastic about fan service, is letting their fans vote on their set list. Kris has keyboardist Andrew St. Marie in tow and he is sharing a bus with Parachute. The venues are smaller than either act filled last tour (apparently they are favorite venues of Parachute's), and so far the crowds have been lively and showing up early to line up. I've got Kris' expected set list in the post; Will post what I can find for Parachute's set list after the show (since it's changing each time).

The tour concludes on Thursday night when Parachute and Kris return to their current home base of Nashville for one last sold out show. Information for this specific show can be found after the break!

Updated 4/28/2017: Found a ton of good photos, some videos, set lists. All of it is after the break...

Pre-Show/Event Press and Publicity:
The Ticket: 
Photo by aew920 on IG (my edit)
Merch, Signage and Soundcheck:

Photo by halfmoonbella
Kris' Set List (Thank you @mermichelly for confirming it!):
  1. Faster Shoes  [Twitter video] | [Periscope] | [Instagram]
  2. Time Will Come [Periscope-audio]
  3. Chained to the Rhythm (Cover - Katy Perry)  
  4. Monster/Hit the Road Jack (Original/Cover-Ray Charles mashup) [Instagram]
  5. In Time 
  6. Paul Simon  
  7. Live Like We're Dying 
  8. End of the Show
Parachute's Set List (Partial and order uncertain but this is most of it; Will add what I can find after the show):
The Show: 
Photo by michellelynnsierra on IG
Photo by angelanicolesisco on IG
Photo by jaime_nicole03 (who seems to be Good Time Inc's summer intern)
Photo by jgmoulton on IG
Photo by brt329 on IG

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