Friday, December 29, 2017

Concert: December 31, 2017: Hershey, PA

Chocolate Town Square
Hershey, PA
December 31, 2017

Kris and band return to Hershey, PA (first place I ever saw them play back in 2010!) for a free New Year's Eve celebration. Their set will end just before the clock strikes midnight.

Updated 1/5/2018: Happy New Year! Cold but that didn't keep the people of Hershey from turning out and taking quick videos, photos and giving FULL SET LIST (THANK YOU) before frostbite set in! For that they will earn #gavegoodlist. :)
Brrrrrrr! Video by ericwiththeband says it's 7 degrees with wind chill 0
Now this is how your city earns #gavegoodlist Thanks ericwiththeband and thank you knguy for filling in details.
Set List:
  1. Faster Shoes [Instagram w a great intro] [Twitter]
  2. Love Will Find You
  3. Better With You
  4. Loves Me Not
  5. If We Keep Doing Nothing/Joy to the World (Mashup - Original/Traditional Carol)
  6. Baby Won't You Wait Until the New Year
  7. Feeling this Way
  8. Waves (interesting notation on the picture WARM HANDS) - wonder if Kris had some fun mashing this with Slow Hands)
  9. Monster
  10. Alright With Me
  11. Paul Simon [Instagram - GUITARS]
  12. Everybody Just Wants to Dance

  13. Live Like We're Dying [Instagram - 3rd in set] | [Instagram] | [Instagram - in the crowd]

  14. Auld Lang Syne [Instagram] (Traditional) PREMIERE
Photos and other media:

Photo by kris_allen
Photo by knguy18

Photo by free_reign
Photo by durri123
Photo by @free_reign

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