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Somethin' About Christmas Tour: December 7, 2017: Washington, DC

Miracle Theatre
Washington, D.C.
December 7, 2017
Opening Act: Marie Miller
Ticket and info link - hope to see you there tonight!

Kris and Marie bring the tour to Washington, DC. Marie is from Shenandoah country in Northern Virginia so this will be close to a hometown show for her. And DC is always a great city for Kris. I will be going to this show.

A little promo after the break with the expected set list. As is typical with DC, we'll have a lot of media even before the show starts!

Updated 12/16/2017: What a great show! Don't miss it if it comes to your town. More thoughts to come inside the post. Along with videos and photos! Of course DC will earn #gavegoodlist even if it was a flatter crowd than we normally are - lots going on in our nation's capitol has kind of tampered down the fun after hours in general sadly. I hope Kris knows those of us who came out absolutely loved the show! Check out all our videos and photos after the break!


Signage and fun stuff:

Photo by @KiraCapri919

Set List (with my thoughts and complete video playlist except for the videos I bumbled)!:

Meet and Greet: River (Cover - Joni Mitchell) (Thanks @KiraCapri919 - check out her fantastic photos from the M&G!)

With Marie during her set: Wasting Away - This was a total highlight. Marie is a gem. Do not sleep on her, what a strong voice and nice person. I love this duet and hearing it live was fantastic.

  1. Somethin' About Christmas - I confess, not a fan of studio version but live this is a really cute song. Video below will go through Baby It Ain't Christmas Without You.

  2. Here Comes Santa Claus (Cover - Gene Autry) - [Instagram] See full video in embedded video for Somethin' About Christmas. I LOVE this version.
  3. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree (Cover - Brenda Lee) -Ditto what I just said. Loved this. See embedded video for Somethin' About Christmas.
  4. Baby It Ain't Christmas Without You - This concert starts strong! I adored this live and the singalong was fun. Sorry for my bronchitis voice on that. See embedded video for Somethin' About Christmas.
  5. Peace and Happiness
    This is such a mellow, deep song. I truly enjoyed this live.

  6. Monster/You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch (Original/Cover - Thurl Ravenscroft) See embedded video for Peace and Happiness.
    This mash-up is growing on me. I'm a grinch sometimes. Everyone loved it!
  7. Jingle Bells (Traditional carol) [Facebook video with banter about family] - To be honest, I'm not crazy about this arrangement but I much prefer Marie over Caroline Glaser as his duet partner on it. I am really hoping he keeps doing music with Marie. Kira mentioned that they have written a second song together, for Kris' next album.
  8. O Holy Night (Traditional carol) [Facebook video] | [InstagramHe always sings this so well. Stunning.
  9. Holly Jolly Christmas (Cover - Burl Ives)This was a lot of fun! Cute banter about the Bumble doll Kira gave him. It had tumbled off the TV that they had put it on.

  10. The Christmas Song (Cover - Nat King Cole) [InstagramUgh I botched recording this. I was so happy, beyond happy, to see him behind a piano again. It's a great Christmas gift to the fans.
  11. Winter Wonderland (Cover - Richard Himber) [Twitter video by Kirsten] This is where I will fangirl over Kirsten, Devon's wife and Kris' background vocals. She is so much fun to watch in all of these videos. This video goes through Mommy. I took separate video of Please Come Home for Christmas, so am embedding it separately - but it's on this one too. 

  12. If We Keep Doing Nothing/Joy to the World (Original/Traditional Carol)This is so stunning live. Kris actually seems to get better vocally each time I see him. Joy to the World is a great mix for this mash-up.
  13. Please Come Home for Christmas (Cover - Charles Brown) - I love this song by anyone but he killed it! Loved it. So did the crowd!

  14. Mommy, Is There More than Just One Santa Claus? This one is not my fave but if you like it, he did a great job with it
  15. Live Like We're Dying [Facebook video] - I really like the new arrangement!
  16. Baby Won't You Wait Until the New Year - Another one I much prefer live and full band - this video includes this song plus a full non-botched video clip of Just Like Snow which was AMAZING and my favorite thing about this show!

  17. Just Like Snow - LOVED LOVED LOVED. Because I'm a bumble and was also simultaneously streaming, I botched it so first minute is on IG! It's also embedded in the stream video above (full song)

  18. Encore: Silent Night (Traditional carol)This was very good! I love traditional carols done with respect. Video below includes the reprise of Somethin' About Christmas Morning.

  19. Encore: Somethin' About Christmas Morning
Photos and other media: Start with this fantastic review!

Photo by @ElvanMcM - check her IG for more!

Photo by @ElvanMcM

Photo by @lexiewallace

Photo by @KiraCapri919

Photo by @lexiewallace

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