Wednesday, June 27, 2018

June 2018 catch-up post

So this is a catch-up post for all things Kris for the last few weeks! Real life has kept me very busy. Apologies for that! Here's what's been happening Kris-wise:

New single on Friday June 29!
We never see Kris tweet anything anymore (it's all IG stories from him) so it was a great and nice surprise to see this little bit of news pop up:

That's right - new single on June 29. It will also be out on Apple music and iTunes. Kris has been chatting with fans about it on his IG post.

UPDATE: And it's premiered! You can stream the new song here exclusively today (6/28).

UPDATE: It's out! Go here for all the purchase and streaming links.

Show on June 23
We had almost no advance notice of this (which is why you should follow me on Twitter, because I did have a second to RT the tweet from one of the other performers). Kris performed at the Listening Room in Nashville on June 23. We know he sang Faster Shoes and that's about all we know. I wonder if he performed that new single? If you were there, let us know in the comments!

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