Saturday, August 11, 2018

Idol Tour 2018: August 12: Kris Allen and the Idol Tour Play the Mid-Atlantic!

The Idol tour 2018 arrives east with stops in Philadelphia and in Baltimore.

August 12: The Lyric, Baltimore. Some good Kris fans going to this stop! Kris did a fun promotional appearance at Baltimore's 101.9 FM. Videos are coming in and are after the break. Plus Kris soundchecked one of my favorite Van Morrison songs. Thanks @Lulu_bis, @KiraCapri919, @tonyacrys and @newland21!

Updated August 14: I apologize - I mixed up the Philly and Albany dates and skipped Albany. So I've taken Philly off this post and made a new post for those two cities. Not expecting much from either. Baltimore highlights after the break and Charm City earns #gavegoodlist! The set list is here.

August 12: Baltimore

Highlights for Kris fans
  • Kris visited Baltimore's Todays 101.9 and they did a great interview/performance/meet and greet with him! Please give it all hits so they know we care. Here's my post with all the links you need.
  • Kris soundchecked Into the Mystic by Van Morrison!!!
  • And then he played Venice at VIP!

  • Beth (@newland21) sent along this great video (by the way, if you don't have a YouTube account but want to send me your video to upload to mine, I'm happy to do that like I did here!)

  • Our favorite fan from France (@Lulu_bis) is visiting America and got to see her favorite American Idol! Here's her videos:

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