Thursday, November 29, 2012

Throwback Thursday: June 25, 2010: Happy 25th Birthday Kris Allen (Alright with Moo)

We're back after a Thanksgiving break. (Usually) Every Thursday, we take a look back at a great video of Kris!

This week, as you may have already heard, Kris is in Kenya with World Vision USA on a charity mission. Make sure to check out their blog, Pinterest board and/or Facebook page for more information and some great videos!

To celebrate his latest good deeds, thought it would be appropriate this week to look at a fan video made for his birthday two years ago. A group of fans raised money to buy Kris a cow from Heifer International. (The cow is actually donated to a family in Africa.) Enough money was raised to buy over 50 cows and Kris was blown away by it.

Looking at the Alright With Moo video again, it's a great tribute to some other trips and missions Kris has done for charity, including clips from his Rwandan trip for Heifer International/Toms/Bridge2Rwanda, as well as his visit with the UN to aid in Haitian earthquake relief and subsequent American Idol appearance to perform Let It Be to raise money for that effort. It's all set to his version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, with a special guest appearance by a cow dancing to Alright With Me at the end.

So it's quite a video! Kudos to overth3moon for her work on it! Check it out!