Saturday, November 10, 2012

List: Citadel Outlets Tree Lighting, November 10, 2012, Los Angeles, CA, November

11th Annual Tree Lighting
Citadel Outlets
Los Angeles, CA

Events start at 4 pm Pacific
Concert starts at 5 pm Pacific

The Krismas season has begun! Earlier this week, Kris announced his upcoming Krismas EP, Waiting for Christmas. And he's in Los Angeles today to help a local mall kick off the season properly!

For those who don't know the other performers, Ariana Grande is a huge star for kids and teens. (With over 3 million twitter followers, let's hope she drinks the milkshake!) She's the comic relief on Victorious and is getting her own show on Nickelodeon soon. Roshon was in Camp Rock and Colton Dixon was on the last season of American Idol.

For the list, I've been searching all of their replies, hope to see some new fans be won over today! And we've got some faithful list regulars going. Best of all, we've got a livestream!

So here's the list! A little note, it may be buggier than normal, as I add people, Twitter still does that annoying show their last few tweets thing, and I will be adding more people later than I normally like to because of their being fans of the other three.