Thursday, November 8, 2012

Throwback Thursday: RIP Live Let It Rain 11/09/09

Every Thursday we take a look back and relive the highlights of being a Kris Allen fan!

Three years ago, Kris played Live in the Vineyard for the first time. It marked the only time he has ever performed Let It Rain from the KATA album live.

That's a shame, because he did a beautiful job! Enjoy!

And how do we know he will never do this again? Well, he has told fans a few times when talking with them that it's not one of his favorites. And then he had this reaction at 1:10 of the video below when I requested it in DC last week:

Hopefully one day we can all change his mind. In the meantime, enjoy this week's throwback to Let It Rain, Live in the Vineyard 2009, and bonus throwback of Blindfolded from October 28, 2012!

And finally, because I forgot to do Throwback Thursday last week, here is my apology offering - a link to a place to download Let It Rain from LITV:

Happy Listening!