Saturday, February 2, 2013

List: February 2, 2013: Soda Bar, San Diego, CA

Soda Bar
February 2, 2013
San Diego, CA
8 pm PST

Jillette Johnson Opening

The Out Alive Tour reaches the West Coast for a string of California shows, starting with this one in San Diego.

Update: Probably the best show so far of the Out Alive Tour. Don't miss the videos linked.
Set List with Links to Videos and Media.


Plugged In - Full Band (Photos by @reiCeelove and @KrisAllen)

Set List:
  1. Out Alive [Video w/ BWY too] [Video] [mp3]
  2. Better With You [Video] [mp3]
  3. Alright With Me [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  4. Loves Me Not (with Jillette Johnson) [Video with Faith Medley too] [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  5. Faith/We Are Young/Some Nights (Cover - George Michael/fun. mash-up) [Video] [Video - partial] [mp3]
  6. Red Guitar [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  7. California Dreamin' (Cover - The Mamas and the Papas) (Torres singing lead) - PREMIERE [Video] [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  8. Paul Simon [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  9. Breakdown (Cover - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  10. Leave You Alone (Extended version with words) [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  11. Monster [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  12. Rooftops [Video] [Video] [Video - partial] [mp3]
  13. Live Like We're Dying [Video] [Video] [mp3]
  14. Seven Nation Army (Cover - The White Stripes) [Video] [Video with Shut That Door] [Video with Shut That Door] [Video with Shut That Door] [mp3 with Shut That Door]
  15. Shut That Door [Video]
Also: Happy Birthday [Video]

Opening Act: Jillette Johnson

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