Wednesday, February 13, 2013

List: February 13, 2013: Metro PCS Lounge and Sacramento City College PAC, Sacramento, CA

Sacramento City College Performing Arts Center
February 13, 2013
Sacramento, CA

7:30 pm PST (10:30 pm EST)

Jillette Johnson opening.

We will get two lists for the price of one today, as the Out Alive Tour hits California's state capitol. First, Kris will do the "Metro PCS Lounge" for local contest winners (this will take place around midday PST).

Then tonight it's the usual concert at a local college. As of this writing, the venue could stand to sell a few more tickets so a last-minute promo push is on. It's possible fans may have opted to go to his Valentine's Day show in San Francisco?

That said, our list is going to be robust, with some great video folks on it! I have put the contest winners on this list as well, so if you see them tweeting about something other than the concert, it's because they went to the contest concert earlier in the day. As always, just scroll on by anything you don't like.

Updated: We got quite a few good videos from these shows!

Set list/videos link for Metro PCS Lounge
Set list/videos link for Sacromento show