Wednesday, February 6, 2013

List: February 6, 2013: Hotel Cafe Show #2, Los Angeles, CA

The Hotel Cafe
Show 2 of 2
February 6, 2013
Los Angeles, CA

9:30 pm Pacific (12:30 am 2/7 Eastern)

Jillette Johnson opening

Kris concludes a two night stint at this venue. The Hotel Cafe is a place where many singer-songwriters (including those of the American Idol variety) showcase their talents.

Our list tonight again includes most of our LA regulars as well as a few new people checking out the show. I'm very excited that a fan of mine from another fandom is there and I've got him properly whipped into excitement for the show - so here's hoping Kris plays his request!

Admin. note: This show starts much later, and I'm east coast based, and it's a work night. So I probably won't be babysitting the list. As always, if you don't like what someone tweets on the list, you'll live. I promise. And if we didn't catch someone to put them on the list on time, that's our and yours and their tough luck. The tweeters we do have on this list should do a great job!

Update: My friend had an amazing time but being a Springsteen fan, he didn't realize he was supposed to live tweet that ;P He did tweet a lot of you the next day though.

Updated set list/video links post:



Plugged In - Full Band (Photos by @shoshpd)

Set List:
  1. Out Alive [Video] [Video]
  2. Better With You [Video] [Video] [Video]
  3. Alright With Me (Fast) [Video] [Video] [Video]
  4. Loves Me Not (with Jillette Johnson) [Video] [Video] [Video (partial)] [Video] [Video]
  5. Faith/We Are Young/Some Nights (Cover - George Michael/fun. mash-up) [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video (partial)] [Video (partial)]
  6. Red Guitar [Video] [Video] [Video
  7. When Doves Cry (Cover - Prince) [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video]
  8. Paul Simon [Video] [Video] [Video] [Video]
  9. Leave You Alone [Video] [Video] [Video
  10. Monster [Video] [Video]
  11. Rooftops [Video] [Video]
  12. Live Like We're Dying [Video] [Video] [Video (partial)]
  13. The River (Cover - Garth Brooks) [Video] [Video] [Video]
  14. Seven Nation Army (Cover - The White Stripes) [Video] [Video with Shut That Door] [Video]
  15. Shut That Door [Video]
Opening Act: Jillette Johnson

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